Comcast Announces Pricing for Netflix, Peacock, and Apple TV+ Bundle

Pricing Details for Netflix Peacock and Apple TV+ Bundle Released by Comcast (Comcast)

As Comcast’s traditional cable TV business continues to decline, the company is introducing a new streaming bundle called StreamSaver. This package, launching next week, combines NBCUniversal’s Peacock Premium (with ads), Netflix Basic (with ads), and Apple TV+ at a discounted price. Available to Comcast Xfinity TV or broadband customers, StreamSaver will cost $15 per month, which is at least 35% less than purchasing the services individually.

Additionally, Comcast’s Now TV service, which currently includes Peacock and 40 free, ad-supported channels, will offer Netflix and Apple TV+ for $30 per month. Now TV requires a subscription to Xfinity Internet.

Netflix Peacock and Apple TV+ Logo (Comcast Corporation)

Dave Watson, president and CEO of Comcast Cable, announced the details at J.P. Morgan’s 2024 Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference. He emphasized that StreamSaver aims to enhance Comcast’s broadband business, calling it a “home run for consumers.”

The standalone costs for these services are $23-$25 per month: Peacock Premium with ads is $5.99/month (rising to $7.99/month in July), Netflix Basic with ads is $6.99/month, and Apple TV+ is $9.99/month.

Watson highlighted Comcast’s commitment to investing in its network to support increasing streaming consumption. Brian Roberts, Comcast’s chief, first announced StreamSaver plans last week, pointing out Comcast’s long history of innovative bundling.

Traditional media companies are increasingly adopting similar strategies to reduce customer acquisition costs and churn rates. Disney and Warner Bros.

Discovery plan to launch a bundle of Max, Disney+, and Hulu this summer. Venu Sports, a joint venture by Disney, WBD, and Fox Corp., is preparing a sports-centered live-streaming bundle for fall 2024, pending regulatory approval.

Disney also offers discounted bundles of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ and is integrating these services more closely. Disney+ has added a tile for Hulu and will include a hub for ESPN+ in December, providing some free content to promote ESPN+ subscriptions.