The A’s Refused the B’s Request to Play a Game at the Coliseum

The A's Refused the B's Request to Play a Game at the Coliseum (Oakland)

The Oakland A’s have exercised their exclusive rights to the Coliseum, blocking the minor league Oakland B’s from playing a game at the venue in June.

Despite having a signed contract and paid deposit, the B’s were informed that the A’s would not grant consent due to their license agreement with the Coliseum Authority.

The gameplay at the Coliseum (Oakland)

The B’s had planned to celebrate Oakland’s baseball legacy and the Coliseum’s history, but the A’s decision has forced them to search for a new venue.

The move has drawn criticism from local officials and fans, who see it as a missed opportunity for revenue and community engagement.

“We began negotiations to play at the Coliseum in July and had signed our lease and paid our deposit by December,” said Paul Freedman, co-founder of the Oakland B’s.

“But just days after Christmas, we were informed that the A’s would be enforcing their contract clause, preventing other professional baseball teams from playing at the Coliseum.”

The A’s have exclusive rights to play professional baseball at the Coliseum until their lease ends, and it’s unclear where Oakland will play after that.

The team plans to move to a new stadium in Las Vegas in 2028, leaving the future of baseball in Oakland uncertain.

Despite the setback, the B’s remain committed to bringing baseball to Oakland and are exploring alternative venues. “We’d love to remind people what the Coliseum is all about,” said Freedman. “It’s a celebration of Oakland’s baseball legacy and the Coliseum’s history.”

Local fans and officials have expressed disappointment and frustration with the A’s decision. “When new bookings are impeded, this reduces jobs for local residents and reduces revenue for needed public services,” said Oakland Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan. ”

All of Oakland and Alameda County are harmed by cutting events and revenue at the Coliseum.”