Tampa Bay Rays Shortstop Wander Franco Faces Allegations of Inappropriate Relationships With Minors in the Dominican Republic

Allegations against Wander Franco concerning minors in Dominican Republic (Tampa Bay Rays)

Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Wander Franco voluntarily appeared at a prosecutor’s office in the Dominican Republic on Monday to address serious allegations regarding his relationships with minors.

Franco, flanked by his new legal team, including attorneys Teodosio Jáquez Encarnación and Juan Francisco Rodríguez Consoró, met with prosecutors to address the allegations, although the specifics of the meeting remain undisclosed.

Wander Franco during a gameplay (Tampa Bay Rays)

This appearance comes on the heels of Franco’s failure to respond to a summons from the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Children and Adolescents four days prior.

At least two individuals have filed legal action against Franco, and a third minor is also allegedly involved, although no formal complaint has been lodged.

While no criminal charges have been filed, Major League Baseball placed Franco on administrative leave in August and is conducting its own investigation. The Rays have supported the league’s decision and pledged cooperation.

Franco’s appearance in the Dominican Republic marks an outstanding development in the investigation. The 22-year-old shortstop, who signed an 11-year, $182 million contract extension with the Rays in November 2021, has faced intense scrutiny in recent months.

The Rays have remained silent on the matter since Franco’s leave, awaiting the outcome of the investigation. As the legal process reveals, Franco’s future in baseball hangs in the balance.