Mbappe Would Have Been a Wrong Fit for Barcelona, Says Deco

Kylian Mbappe (PSG)

Barcelona’s sports director, Deco, has made a startling revelation, declaring that signing Kylian Mbappe would have been a catastrophic mistake for the club.

In a candid interview with Esport3, Deco emphasized that Barcelona’s primary objective is to appoint a coach who grasps the team’s current reality and is willing to work within the existing framework. He stressed that the club will not engage in extravagant transfers, and the new coach must align with this philosophy.

Deco’s comments underscore the club’s shift in focus towards sustainability and building a cohesive unit, rather than relying on marquee signings.

Barcelona’s Sports Director Deco Declares Mbappe Signing a Potential Disaster (PSG/Barcelona)

He emphasized that sacrificing key players like Frenkie de Jong and Ronald Araujo to accommodate Mbappe’s arrival would have detrimental consequences, eventually weakening the team. Instead, he highlighted the importance of bolstering the squad with players who understand Barcelona’s unique identity and values.

Deco’s remarks also shed light on the club’s interest in Girona’s Aleix Garcia, a midfielder who has impressed Xavi and the team’s scouts.

While acknowledging the loss of Gavi, Deco expressed optimism in finding suitable solutions, potentially including Aleix Garcia, to reinforce the midfield. By prioritizing a coach who shares the club’s vision and seeking players who fit the Barcelona mold, Deco aims to restore the team’s former glory.

As the club steer a critical juncture in its history, Deco’s words offer a glance into the decision-making process at Barcelona. By eschewing flashy signings and focusing on building a cohesive unit, the club hopes to reclaim its status as a dominant force in European football.

With Deco at the helm, Barcelona’s future looks promising, and fans can expect a renewed emphasis on the club’s storied values and traditions.