Ten Hag Warned by Van Basten Against Weghorst Signing

Ten Hag, Van Basten and Weghorst (Manchester United)

Marco van Basten, a legendary former Netherlands striker, has cautioned Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag against signing Beşiktaş striker Wout Weghorst.

Van Basten’s warning is rooted in his concern that the club may end up with too many Dutch players, potentially leading to a detrimental dynamic within the team.

With the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United is in dire need of a striker, and the January transfer window presents an opportunity to find a suitable goalscorer.

Van Basten and Weghorst (Manchester United)

Ten Hag has identified Weghorst as a short-term solution, seeking to add him to the squad on loan. However, van Basten remains skeptical about the move, expressing his doubts about Weghorst’s abilities.

In an interview with Ziggo Sport, van Basten elaborated on his concerns, stating, “It can become dangerous if you have too many Dutch people and things aren’t going well. Then it will work against you.”

He advised ten Hag to exercise caution, suggesting that the potential influx of Dutch players could lead to a negative impact on the team’s performance. Van Basten’s comments have sparked interest, as Manchester United weighs its options in the transfer market.

Van Basten’s warning is not without merit, as the dynamics of a team with multiple players from the same country can be complicated. While having a strong core of players from the same nation can foster a sense of unity and understanding, it can also lead to cliques and divisions within the squad.

Ten Hag must carefully consider these factors as he navigates the transfer market, ensuring that any new additions will integrate seamlessly into the team. As Manchester United seeks to bolster its attack, van Basten’s words of caution serve as a reminder of the importance of team chemistry and balance.