Intel: Transforming Vehicles With AI Technology

Intel to transform vehicles with AI technology (Intel)

Intel is pioneering the future of transportation with its cutting-edge AI-focused chip, poised to revolutionize the automotive industry.

This innovative “first-generation AI-enhanced software-defined vehicle system-on-chip” is designed to transform cars into AI-powered computers, elevating the driving experience with enhanced navigation, voice assistants, and vehicle controls.

Intel Transforming Vehicles with AI Technology (Intel)

Zeekr, an EV subbrand of China’s Geely, is the first to adopt this technology, with its debut vehicle featuring Intel’s AI hardware set to launch later this year.

Intel’s vision is to create a “family” of systems-on-a-chip for software-defined vehicles, redefining the driving experience with improved safety features, voice assistants, and predictive technology.

Intel’s commitment to innovation extends beyond AI-powered chips. The company is also acquiring Silicon Mobility SAS, a leader in EV energy management, to optimize battery performance and range.

Additionally, Intel is collaborating with SAE International to establish a new standard for EV power management, paving the way for lighter, more efficient batteries and a new era of software-defined vehicles.

According to Jack Weast, Intel’s vice president and general manager of Intel Automotive, “Nobody’s really been doing software defined quite right yet.”

Intel’s unique perspective and capabilities are poised to transform the industry, enabling vehicles to become truly software-defined. With its AI-enhanced chips and commitment to innovation, Intel is driving the future of transportation forward.