Stellantis Reveals €5.6 Billion Investment Plan to Transform South American Automotive Industry

Stellantis leads South America with a €5.6 billion investment plan, launching 40+ new products.

Stellantis’ recent announcement of a record investment plan totaling €5.6 billion (R$30 billion) from 2025 to 2030 marks a significant milestone for the South American automotive industry.

This investment, the largest in the region’s history, underscores Stellantis’ commitment to innovation, sustainability, and growth in Brazil and South America.

The investment will support the launching more than 40 new products and the development of Bio-Hybrid technologies, which combine electrification with hybrid engines powered by biofuels, showcasing Stellantis’ dedication to sustainable mobility solutions.

Bio-Hybrid tech and decarbonization key as Stellantis sets record investment in South America.

These investments align with Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, which includes investing over €50 billion globally in electrification and aims to make the company carbon neutral by 2038.

Stellantis’ strong presence in South America is evident, with the company leading in key markets such as Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Last year, Stellantis achieved a 23.5% market share in the region, with a 31.4% market share in Brazil alone.

The company’s strategic acquisitions, such as Argentina Litio y Energía S.A. and Norauto and DPaschoal in the aftermarket segment, further demonstrate its commitment to expanding its footprint and driving growth in the region.

Stellantis’ investment plan represents a significant step forward for the South American automotive industry, positioning the company as a leader in sustainable mobility and driving innovation and growth in the region.