Sonya Deville’s Heartfelt Journey: From the Ring to Romance with Toni Cassano

Sonya Deville, WWE's first openly gay female wrestler, finds love with fitness model Toni Cassano. 

Daria Berenato, known by her ring name Sonya Deville in the WWE, found love and companionship in Toni Cassano, a fitness model and influencer.

Their journey began when Berenato, a pioneer in the wrestling world as the first openly gay female wrestler in the WWE, met Cassano through social media.

Despite initially following each other for years, their connection deepened after meeting in person in April 2022.

Their relationship quickly blossomed, with Berenato expressing that she knew Cassano was the one from the moment they met. The feeling was mutual, as Cassano, a mother of two daughters, found herself drawn to Berenato’s grounded energy and passion.

Daria Berenato and Toni Cassano got engaged in February 2023 and then got married in February 2024

Their love story took a romantic turn when Berenato proposed to Cassano in February 2023, surrounded by friends and family in a wine cellar in New Jersey.

In a beautiful twist, Cassano had been carrying an engagement ring in her purse, ready to reciprocate the gesture. Their engagement was a testament to their deep connection and shared commitment to building a life together.

On February 10, 2024, Berenato and Cassano sealed their love in a stunning wedding ceremony at The Legacy Castle in New Jersey.

Surrounded by loved ones, including fellow WWE personalities and friends, they exchanged vows and celebrated their union in style.

Their love story is not just one of romance but also partnership, collaboration, and mutual support, exemplifying the beauty of finding true love and companionship.