AMC’s Sensational Nicole Kidman Ads Arriving in Theaters This March

Nicole Kidman dazzles in AMC's new ads, redefining movie magic with her captivating presence.

AMC Theatres is gearing up to delight audiences once again with their latest installment of the “We Make Movies Better” campaign, starring the renowned actress Nicole Kidman.

Set to debut in theaters nationwide starting March 1st, three new 30-second ad spots promise to immerse moviegoers in the enchanting world of cinema.

This continuation of the campaign builds upon the success of the original ad, which premiered in September 2021 amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kidman’s mesmerizing performance, coupled with the evocative dialogue penned by screenwriter Billy Ray, struck a chord with audiences, beckoning them back to the silver screen after a prolonged period of lockdowns and uncertainty.

AMC’s cinematic revival continues as Nicole Kidman stars in three mesmerizing new theater ads.

In the upcoming ads, viewers can anticipate Kidman’s trademark elegance and poise as she transports them into the magic of movie theaters. While specific details of the new ads have yet to be revealed, AMC CEO Adam Aron has hinted at a diverse selection of spots that will randomly appear before screenings, ensuring a fresh and dynamic experience for audiences.

The original ad not only garnered widespread acclaim but also became a cultural phenomenon, spawning memes, parodies, and even inspiring Halloween costumes. Its impact extended beyond the realms of traditional advertising, ingraining itself in the American zeitgeist and solidifying Kidman’s status as an icon of cinema.

With the release of these new ads, AMC aims to reaffirm its position as the ultimate destination for unparalleled cinematic experiences. From state-of-the-art technology to luxurious amenities, AMC Theatres continues to uphold its commitment to excellence, making every trip to the movies a memorable and enchanting affair.