Matri Refuses to Rule Out Osimhen’s Transfer to Juventus

Matri during an interview to sell out Osimhen (FIFA)

Alessandro Matri, a former Juventus striker, has suggested that Victor Osimhen, the talented Super Eagles striker, may still have a chance to join the Old Lady, despite current speculation.

With Osimhen currently representing Nigeria at the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations, Matri believes that Juventus could make a move for the striker next summer.

In an interview with DAZN, Matri proposed that Juventus sell Dusan Vlahovic, their current striker, to fund a potential transfer for Osimhen. Matri estimated that Vlahovic could fetch around €70m, while Matias Soulé, another Juventus player, could also command a serious transfer fee.

This influx of capital, combined with the savings from this season and potential Champions League revenue, would make the purchase of Osimhen more feasible.

Osimhen’s impressive performance (FIFA)

Matri drew parallels with Juventus’ past transfer dealings, citing the example of Gonzalo Higuain, who was signed by the club in a similar circumstances.

While the possibility of Osimhen joining Juventus is still uncertain, Matri’s comments suggest that it is not entirely implausible. Juventus’ history of savvy transfer moves and their reputation for attracting top talent make it possible that they could pull off a deal for Osimhen.

As the transfer market continues to evolve, fans and pundits alike will be watching with interest to see if Juventus will indeed make a move for the prolific Nigerian striker. Osimhen’s impressive performances for Napoli and the Super Eagles have made him a sought-after commodity, and Juventus would undoubtedly be bolstered by his addition.

With Matri’s comments adding fuel to the speculation, the possibility of Osimhen donning the iconic black and white jersey of Juventus is an intriguing one that will continue to garner attention in the coming months.