Design of Driverless Trucks Completed by Aurora and Continental

Kodiak the first Semi-Truck (Volvo)

Aurora Innovation, a leading autonomous vehicle company, has announced a remarkable milestone in its partnership with Continental, finalizing the design and architecture of its Aurora Driver technology for driverless semi-trucks.

This achievement paves the way for the production of thousands of autonomous trucks starting in 2027. Aurora plans to deploy a limited number of fully driverless trucks by the end of 2024, with a goal of scaling up to hundreds of trucks in the following years.

Volvo the first commercial autonomous truck (Volvo)

The company’s approach to commercialization is measured and conservative, focusing on testing and validation at its facility in New Braunfels, Texas. Continental will industrialize and validate Aurora’s technology, including its fallback system, which ensures safe operation in case of hardware failures.

The partnership will also leverage Continental’s components, such as sensors and high-performance computers, to enhance the Aurora Driver’s capabilities.

Aurora’s strategy is to prioritize safety and reliability, aiming to make its trucks a practical solution for the industry. With deals in place with Volvo and Paccar, Aurora is poised to become a leading player in the autonomous trucking market.

By taking a careful and collaborative approach, Aurora hopes to overcome the obstacles that have hindered the adoption of autonomous vehicles and make its technology a benchmark for the industry.