Midnight At The Magnolia Filming Locations And Cast Details

Midnight At the Magnolia feature

Starting with the summary of the film Midnight at the Magnolia is completely based on long-time friends and local radio hosts named Maggie and Jack Fake, respectively. Later, it is shown that the couple is for their families, and the listeners usually still hope to get their show nationally syndicated, or their show must get nationally popular, which will be one of the great and the best achievement for the couple and also for their family members.

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Midnight At The Magnolia Filming Locations

Midnight At the Magnolia

The film, Midnight at the Magnolia, was eventually produced by MarVista Entertainment that too in collaboration with the other well-known and prominent production company named Fireside Pictures. There are a few scenes, or we can say that there are many scenes, that are usually filmed at the Byward Market, which is known as the vibrant neighborhood in downtown Ottawa. This particular place Ottawa is also the most popular tourist place with various tourist attractions. Talking to the North of the Rideau Canal is eventually the home to more than 600 business hubs, and a world-famous farmer’s market is also situated there, which is also another tourist place.

Since the year 1846, Byward Market has existed in Ottawa, and this is also considered one of the favorite markets of locals. In this market, locals used to dine, do shopping, play, and indulge in many other activities as the whole area is filled with multiple varieties of hotels and restaurants with smart boutiques. Also, there are many filming locations in Ottawa, such as Dows lake Pavilion, Notre Dame Basilica, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Peace Tower at the Parliament. Similarly, there are also many production houses like The House at the End of the Street, The Sum of All Fears, and Batman and Robin.

Talking about the other important shooting location of Midnight at the Magnolia is North of the Rideau Canal, which is also famous and well-known for the farmer’s market. Both the filming locations, Byward Market and Rideau Canal, respectively, are beautiful in themselves, and they are also the most visited tourist place. The review of this movie stands at a rating of 6.1 on IMDb. Some of the critics eventually appreciated the chemistry between the main actors, and the movie also received mixed reviews across the internet.

Midnight At The Magnolia Cast Details


So, talking about the cast details of the movie, it usually features Michael Gordin Shore, Steven Cumyn, Alison Brooks, and many more talented and intelligent actors. Hall is one of the actresses in the movie who plays the role of Maggie Quinn. She was seen appearing in many other films and series, and she has also gained popularity around the world.

The next actor in this movie is William. He is considered the co-star and has played the role of Jack Russo. He eventually grew up in Alberta, where he began his career in the field of acting. Apart from these two actors, Midnight at the Magnolia has many other actors who have worked very hard with full dedication, and they are also considered the most talented and the most intelligent ones.

It is sad to inform you that the list of all the actors in this film has not been revealed yet, but we hope that the list will be released soon. But, some of the actors in this movie are Alison Brooks, who was seen featuring the role of Deb Clarkson, Steve Cumyn, who portrayed the role of Steve Quinn, and Bianca Bell is the one who was also seen featured in this movie, and there are many more actors who are seen serving in this movie.

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