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Born on April 24, 1996, Bethany Lily April is a British social-media personality and she is also an Instagram star. Just because of her image in bathing suits, she has gained much popularity. She is also considered one of the best British fashion models, a social media influencer, and a businesswoman from Essex, England, and the United Kingdom. Bethany is also a well-known business personality, and she is always popular for her provocative photoshoots.

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Also, Bethany Lily April is now known for her online personality. There is no information about her family and friends as she has not shared it yet, and she also doesn’t want to reveal such information. According to the different sources, her father is one of the well-known business owners, and her mother is simply a housewife. Her childhood was eventually spent in her hometown that too playing with her brothers, sisters, and other relatives. But, for personal reasons, Bethany had to visit various places, such as Europe, and she also lived at her father’s house somewhere in Luxembourg. There Bethany eventually learned French as one of her languages.

Bethany Lily April Early Life

Talking about her faith and religion, Bethany Lily April is a Christian. According to the reports and her birth year, she is 25 years too as of the year 2021. In the hometown itself, Bethany completed her schooling years at a very small and old private school. Then, she was considered one of the most intelligent and the most creative child. Since she was a child and from her young years, she was always interested in modeling and becoming an actor. Later, it was reported that she eventually signed the modeling deal with HLD Management Company, and this was as per the IFG profile.

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After some years, Bethany also posed for some pictures for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Line, and then she shared several modeling photoshoots on her various social media accounts. From this point in time, she successfully gained millions of fans not only from her country but from across the world. She has various social media accounts on various platforms, and she keeps her account updated with multiple photographs and various modeling photoshoots. Also, in shows like British GQ and many other types of events, Bethany attended and also won most of them. Later, in the year 2015, in the month of December, Bethany was seen featuring in the Magazine named ‘Zoo Today. She was also seen featured in the Daily Star Today Magazine and gained multiple fans across the world.

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There is one company named OnlyFans, where Bethany is a member and the monthly membership of that company is $16.99.

Bethany Lily April Physical Appearance

As we all are aware of the fact that most models and Instagram influencers are fond of working out; similarly, Bethany is also fond of and enjoys working out. She is the one who always maintains her physique healthy and is also among the most active models. It was known that she used the most luxurious and excellent skincare brands, which kept her skin crystal clear and shiny.

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5 feet 5 inches is the approximate height of Bethany, and her weight is nearly around 50kg which is 110 lbs. She looks even more gorgeous as she has golden hair and wonderful blue eyes. Through media, it was also reported that she endorsed and promoted multiple brands, which usually include FashionNova, Honey Birdette, FiFi Luxury Clip in Extensions, Supreme, Chantelle, and many more.

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Bethany Lily April Career

Just because the place where her father was living in Luxembourg and which was also considered a rural European country; there were not as many careers as they were offered in many urban areas. As there were no career options available, Bethany had to shift and transfer to London from Luxembourg just to commence her career. At the age of 16 or 17, she came to London and eventually commenced working in the Harrods department store. For two years, she continued to work at the same place. In one of her interviews, she said that the start of her career was not very good, but she eventually continued to survive in that situation till the age of 18.

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After Bethany turned 18, her life took a huge turn, and she heard about modeling from somewhere; then, in the year 2014, she took a firm decision to do topless modeling and grow in that career or in that particular field. Later, from the year 2015, Bethany started to post various naked photoshoots and videos on Instagram and many other social media accounts, and they were published on the center page of the most popular newspaper called The Daily Star. She has achieved huge success in this field, as she owns around 3 lakh followers on Twitter and approximately around 3 million on Instagram. Nowadays, she is considered one of the best social media influencers and also a well-known model.

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As she is an Instagram model, there is no personal information about her personal life, but you can find some of her details on various websites on the Internet. Some of the things that we know about her personal life are her parents are so supportive and positive regarding her career and her profession. Suddenly, Bethany was also a member of the team and worked with the proponent of the breast cancer awareness campaign. Additionally, she is also a well-known and very popular YouTuber. She started her own YouTube channel at the age of only 18, and they also gained immense popularity and millions of fans. Many offers and invitations were sent to Bethany, but due to a lot of work, she rejected all of them and continued to pay attention to building her career and making her parents proud.

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Bethany Lily April’s Net Worth

As discussed above that, Bethany is one of the most popular and successful Instagram models and a social media influencer, she is also the person who is considered one of the richest Instagram stars, and she is also seen listed on the most popular Instagram list.

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According to our reports and comparing many various reports, the net worth of Bethany Lily April is nearly $1.5 Million. Just because of this net worth, Bethany is the most popular Instagram Star. She was also listed as a celebrity who was birth in the United Kingdom.

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Some Interesting Facts about Bethany Lily April

  • When she initially commenced working as an Instagram influencer model, she later moved to the YouTube channel, and there she is recently growing and increasing followers.
  • She also has her own TikTok account, where she mainly produces content related to jokes and comedy, and she is also well-known as one of the best dancers.

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  • She is also one who loves animals and owns pets in her house, which is still unknown.
  • Travelling and photography are her hobbies, and this is what is always loved to do.
  • Talking about her favorite color, her favorite color is blue, and she also loves to wear various patterns of blue color dresses.
  • According to the reports, she is recently single and not dating anyone.
  • Bethany Lily April also doesn’t have any past relationships, and this is something that is considered the best part about her.
  • Whenever she is free and gets time, traveling is her priority and one of her favorite places to visit every time in Australia.

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  • She eventually owns 500k subscribers on TikTok, which is a huge number for her that too in a very short period.
  • If you view or visit her Instagram account, her pictures always contain bathing shoots, and just because of these particular posts, she eventually gained success and familiarity very quickly as compared to other influencers and models.
  • One of the other best parts about Bethany Lily April is that she never shares any information about her family, friends, and even love life. She loves to talk only about herself and no one else.
  • According to the reports, she is a single child and doesn’t have any siblings.

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Who is Bethany Lily April Dating?

Currently, Bethany Lily April is not dating anyone, and she is enjoying her single life. She doesn’t want to involve with someone romantically now, too, at this point in time when it is time to focus on her career. Also, she didn’t even talk about her past relationships or dating history publicly. Bethany doesn’t like any rumors or controversies, so she prefers to keep her private life personal and not disclose it in front of anyone.

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