The Serpent Queen Episode 7: Release Date, Cast And More

The Serpent Queen Episode 7

The Serpent Queen is a new darkly humorous period drama on Starz. It follows Catherine de Medici, one of history’s most despised rulers, as she recounts her life to Rahima, one of her slaves, in 16th-century France. The new series is similar to anything from Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favorite, which is Hulu’s most recent The Great. It is, in many respects, a biography that is relatively characteristic of the present era, with a modern soundtrack and numerous formal peculiarities like frequent fourth-wall cracks.

Currently, one of the most captivating television programs to watch is The Serpent Queen. It’s exceptionally well written and played, goes rapidly, and makes you want to keep watching while keeping you anxiously awaiting the next episode. Episode 6, “The Last Stand” of The Serpent Queen, had tragic climax. Was Catherine de Medici behind the tragedy? Catherine finally made a significant choice involving Henri. It made the supernatural aspects of the program more obvious.

Many The Serpent Queen fans are eager to find out when Season 1 Episode 7 of the show will be released. Many people are even more eager to see what happens in the upcoming episode of this series after watching the last episode. You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for details on this topic as well.

Here is everything about the next episode we know so far:

What Is The Serpent Queen?

When King Henri summons Catherine to France to lead an army in defense of the country, she gets the opportunity to exert more influence. Catherine delegated Rahima the task of locating a letter for Mary’s chamber. Prince Henri returns from war with Filippa, his mistress, and their child.

The Serpent Queen serves as a prelude to a major revelation. Even though the first season of the show hasn’t ended, it has sparked a lot of discussions. Quite admirable, in my opinion.

The Serpent Queen Episode 7

The series begins with Queen Catherine giving Rahima her narrative. The book then explores every facet of Catherine’s life after that. The main topics of this episode include how she got married at the French court. How her uncle passed away, the difficulties she encountered in her marriage and love life, and how she conquered them to save her life.

The Serpent Queen Cast Details:

  • Samantha Morton as Catherine de Medici
  • Liv Hill, as the younger Catherine
  • Amrita Acharia as Aabis
  • Barry Atsma as Montmorency
  • Enzo Cilenti as Cosimo Ruggeri
  • Sennia Nanua as Rahima
  • Kiruna Stamell as Mathilde
  • Nicholas Burns as Antoine de Bourbon
  • Beth Goddard as Antoinette de Guise
  • Raza Jaffrey as François de Guise
  • Danny Kirrane as Louis de Bourbon
  • Ray Panthaki as Charles

The Serpent Queen Episode 7 Release Date, Time, And Streaming Details:

The premiere dates for The Serpent Queen Episode 7 on Starz are 23 October 2022. Those who want to binge-watch this episode as soon as possible might do so. At 9 AM, Starz will start broadcasting The Serpent Queen Episode 7 in the United States. Additionally, it may be found on Canal+ and Starz throughout Europe. The other time zones at which you can stream the next episode are as follows:

  • British Summer Time:2:00 AM on Monday, 24 October 2022
  • Eastern Time 9:00 PM on Sunday, 23 October 2022
  • Australian Central Time 11:30 AM on Monday, 24 October 2022
  • Central Time 8:00 PM on Sunday, 23 October 2022
  • Pacific Time 6:00 PM on Monday, 24 October 2022

The promo for The Serpent Queen Episode 7 is linked down below:

The Serpent Queen Episode 7 Preview And Predictions:

Despite the lack of an official summary but the predictions can be made based on both past events and what we have seen of the show thus far. What does Catherine have in store for Rahima? Prior to Henry’s passing, Catherine would assume leadership.

The Serpent Queen Episode 7

We’ll begin to realize that Diane’s downfall begins following Henri’s passing, as is true history. She will be forced into exile by Catherine and isolated. Diane actually lost her balance while riding a rollercoaster and was never the same after it. I’m wondering if The Serpent Queen will shorten the timeframe significantly to imply that this fate is another result of Catherine’s tampering with Ruggieri.

The Serpent Queen Episode 6 Recap:

Catherine gaslights Rahima in the framing device before revealing more of Rahima’s history. Both Henry’s drinking and Diane’s gold addiction are growing worse and posing a threat to France. Francis, the dauphin, is engaged to Mary Stuart, a Catholic, and it is inevitable that their union will enrage the Protestants and result in a variety of issues.

The Guises are in favor of Diane’s desire for the wedding to proceed for financial reasons. Catherine takes extreme measures because, of course, Henri will eventually carry out her orders. Later, Catherine has a dream that predicts that her husband will get hurt during jousting. As a result, Catherine and Henri decide that their son Francis’s wedding to Mary should be postponed.

The Serpent Queen Episode 7

A wedding invitation was received by King Charles V, who was the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Spain. Mary, Queen of Scots, and Dauphin Francis II of France were both 16 and 14 years old, respectively, at the time of their nuptials. King Henry II is persuaded by Diane of Poitiers to grant the union official approval in the form of a decree.

Later, In front of Charles V and his wife, Diane de Poitiers, as well as numerous witnesses, Henry II is killed in a jousting match. Catherine’s dream becomes a reality.

The Serpent Queen Ratings:

In case you haven’t watched the series before and are unsure about its caliber, I can assure you that it’s really good! The show has a respectable IMDb rating of 7.7/10 and an 88% average audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. In my opinion, this show is unquestionably good.

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