Lucifer And The Biscuit Hammer Episode 15: Episode Date And Recap

Still from the 1st Episode

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Episode 15 is set to release this Friday. Alternatively titled Samidare of the Stars (Hoshi no Samidare), it is a seinen manga series with Satoshi Mizukami as the writer and illustrator. From April 2005 to August 2010, it was serialized in Shnen Gahsha’s seinen manga journal Young King Ours, with episodes accumulated in ten tankōbon editions. In the USA, the collection was printed by Seven Seas Entertainment. NAZ’s animated film series remake debuted on the Animeism television program in July 2022.

Yuuhi Amamiya is a teenage, nihilistic college freshman who wakes one morning to discover a lizard in his room. The lizard tries to explain that Yuuhi has indeed been handpicked as a Beast Knight or Noi, a mystical warrior fated to aid a princess in defeating a mage bent on destroying the world with the Biscuit Hammer, a gigantic hammer floating in space. While Yuuhi is initially reluctant to get engaged, he reconsiders his decision after meeting the princess, Samidare Asahina, who informs him of her intention to destroy the mage and protect the realm so she can dismantle it herself.

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When he questions Samidare about her desire to demolish the world, she tries to explain why. Yuuhi is threatened by yet another golem, and Samidare once again saves him. Yuuhi discloses that his grandfather shackled him in a shack as a kid to help him teach him a lesson. As a result, he is also still afraid of chains. Samidare continues to insist on him visiting his grandfather, and she promises to ensure the chains no longer horrify him.

Yuuhi, in Episode 3, tells Noi that his father was a police officer who’d been killed by his own colleague and that his dad’s death ended up breaking his mother’s heart, who then went away somewhere. His grandfather brought him up and instructed him not to trust everyone else. Yuuhi’s grandfather asserts to have transformed, but despite his apology, Yuuhi is unable to forgive.

Yuuhi nearly kisses Samidare while sleeping, but she stirs before she can. When he returns home, he continues his education with Samidare. Shinonome Hangetsu, the Dog Knight, and his dog friend Saw encounter them. Yuuhi is concerned about the way they would react to Samidare’s proposal because they assert to be guardians of justice. Hangetsu, as a martial arts expert, evaluates them both. Yuuhi, at last, gets his kiss from Samidare that evening and vows to become better.

Yuuhi starts beating the golem with Hangetsu’s martial art coaching. Although one golem overtakes the other, it is still vanquished by Samidare. Noi realizes Hangetsu has passed on his abilities to Yuuhi. Yayoi entices Yuuhi to the playground so Mikazuki can also fight him. Mikazuki, on the other hand, is frustrated because Yuuhi possesses Hangetsu’s abilities but needs more experience. They find the still-living golem, but a man appears from its mouth. Noi realizes he is the villainous mage Animus. Hyou Shimaki, the Cat Knight, and his cat Kuh arrive on their own. Souichirou finds the child Owl Knight Taiyou Akane and the owl Loki Helios.

It is disclosed that Animus is in touch with Shimaki and that Shimaki’s desire to evolve into an omniscient being with all understanding in the world was turned down. He asks Shimaki to become his aide because they share a common desire. When Subaru and Yukimachi notice them around each other, Animus flees. He then tries to claim in a dreamscape that God created everything at the commencement of time but that at the end of time, he was conceived as the God of Destruction and is traveling back in time.

In Episodes 11 and 12, Mikazuki and Shimaki are Yuuhi’s training partners. That evening, Hisame discloses to Yuuhi the actual reason for Samidare’s avoiding their mother. She also admits that she is uncertain how Samidare starts to feel about her. Samidare and  Hisame eventually get into a heartfelt discussion the next day. Yuuhi has a sentimental meeting with her mom after convincing Samidare to return home. Yuuhi later decides to contact his grandfather.

Samidare is accompanied by Anima to meet Yuuhi. She invites the knights to her place later that day, where she utilizes her power to change Dance Dark into a Mythical Beast Knight, Unicorn.

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer: Episode 15 – Where And When To Watch

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Episode 15 is set to release on 22 October 2022, Saturday at 2:15 AM Japanese Standard Time.

22nd October at 12:15 PM (US & Canada),

22 October at 10:45 PM Indian Time.

Fans can watch the anime on Crunchyroll. Alternatively, you can also go back and watch the old episodes there too.