Deadman’s Curse Episode 7: Recap And Where To Watch

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With its very first season airing in 2022, The Deadman’s Curse satiates all the average Indiana Jones fans and all other average adventure series enthusiasts. Because inside this new HISTORY Channel adventure series, “Deadman’s Curse,” four Canadian gold hunters encounter weather extremes, uncompromising terrain, and a 100-year-old blight as they attempt to unravel the secret of Slumach’s lost mine site. Directed by Tim Hardy and Sean White and starring Adam Palmer, Kru Williams, Don Froese, and Taylor Starr, this series takes off on a very strong turn. It is narrated by Bill Courage. Deadman’s Curse Episode 7 is set to air on 23rd October 2022.

Inside this new HISTORY Channel adventure series, “Deadman’s Curse,” four Canadian gold hunters encounter weather extremes, uncompromising terrain, and a 100-year-old blight as they attempt to unravel the secret of Slumach’s lost mine site. Pitt Lake’s Lost Gold Mine is an iconic missing mine near Pitt Lake, British Columbia, Canada, whose assumed riches have captivated individuals from all over the world for even more than a couple of centuries. Scouts and adventure seekers have been trying to look for the mine ever since the days of the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush, and gold-rush rumors have progressed into folklore that has been reiterated and enhanced over time. Slumach’s Lost Mine, or Lost Creek Mine, is the name given to the mystical riches.

The El Dorado Of Canada

The narrative of Pitt Lake riches begins in 1858, the year of the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush when one of the maps trying to promote British Columbia’s gold fields had been printed in San Francisco. In the region above Pitt Lake, a couple of these charts show the phrase “gold” and “Indian diggings.” Some other map from around the same time acknowledges “much gold bearing quartz rock” on the northern edge of Pitt Lake, where such an Indian managed to bring “…a promising potential of gold…which he asserts he discovered in a little creek on the northern side of Pitt Lake” to New Westminster ten years later, in 1869. The report sparked “genuine enthusiasm” in the city, and groups went in search of the excavations.

It was reported in 1905 that “an Indian” had swapped gold flakes for $1,600 in fees in New Westminster in 1902. A few months later, he returned with $1,800 in gold flakes and then again with $1,400 in gold. He refused to reveal where he ended up getting it, and efforts to try to track him down were futile. The Indian then became ill, most likely as a result of him being exposed to adverse weather on alpine excursions, and a surgeon told him he was about to die. The Indian revealed to a close family member the confidential source of his gold — a placer at Pitt Lake — and explained its position, including landmarks and a rough chart of the area.

Wilbur Armstrong, a Washington prospector, mentioned Slumach for the very first time as the original discoverer of the famed gold of Pitt Lake in a 1915 interview conducted in a Wisconsin newspaper and reprinted in other newspapers across the United States.

Deadman’s Curse: Previous Episodes

Slumach, Taylor Starr’s ancestor, put the famed curse upon the gold. The four then get together and try to decipher a deathbed letter from a person who claimed to have known where the gold was hidden. They also follow a witness who was there when Slumach was executed. They then go on to talk to an indigenous woman, and after lining up, all their clues Taylor finds an ancient trade route that could possibly lead them to the gold. The prospector of the Volcanic Brown went missing in 1931, but not before there were rumors about a jar of gold he left behind. Adam and Kru try to unearth Brown’s last known location and find the jar that could possibly lead them to Slumach’s gold. Episode 4 takes on the tangent of prospector Bernard Rover while Taylor goes through Katzie’s First Nations History to try and find something. While Kru, in the next episode, tries to chase a voice recording of a man who claims to have found the motherlode, Taylor tries to decipher an old map, and Adam has to compete with a rival.


Episode Schedule And Where To Watch

Episode 1 “The Missing Jackson Letter” – 11th September 2022

Episode 2 “The Charnley Clues” – 18th September 2022

Episode 3 “The Search for Volcanic Brown” – 25th September 2022

Episode 4 “The Prospector’s Secret” – 2nd October 2022

Episode 5 “The Mystery of Terrarosa Gold” – 9th October 2022

Episode 6 “The Troubling Tale of Bute Inlet Gold Part 1” – 16th October 2022

Episode 7 “The Troubling Tale of Bute Inlet Gold Part 2” – 23rd October 2022

Episode 8 “The Carter Map” – 30th October 2022

The series airs on the History CANADA channel every Sunday. You can also watch it on Hulu, PrimeVideos, or fuboTV with a paid subscription