The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 19 Recap Release Date And Where To Watch

The walking dead season 11

The Walking Dead is a Post-apocalyptic television series representing horror and fear to its extreme. The show consists of a total of 24 episodes that are divided into three eight episodes in the airing block. The show was released in August 2021 and ended up in October 2021. The second season started airing from February to April 2022. In the present, the Third part of the show is On Air.

This show is based on comics illustrated by Tony Moore, Robert Kirman, and Charlie Adlard. The Walking Dead is in the season that is the final season of the series, and these days the final episodes are underway. Walking dead is a series that has never been finalized in permanence to say. One of the other storylines with different spin-offs does come, and the same is expected that very soon, Daryl spin-off is on the tables of makers.

This season has taken its storyline from comic issues 175-193. This issue focused on the group encounter of the Commonwealth and its citizens who are living in different settlements all around. Commonwealth is a group of large communities that live with advanced equipment and 50 thousand and plus survivors. This series also focuses on the group confrontation with Reapers, Milton, and Maggie and her new people, who are known as Wardens.

The Walking Dead: Season 11 Episode 18 Recap

Stringed with different storylines, Episode 18 of The Walking Dead looked like a mixture of different emotions. The Walking Dead Episode 18 of season 11 was named “A New Deal.” The episode starts with the Commonwealth and Milton’s differences and is totally centered on the Parents and Child relationship. The initial scene features Hornsby, who, as usual, is dressed nastily and is being arrested by Daniel.

With his arrest, the name of Sebastian is cleared. Meanwhile, Sebastian is cleared from his hidden room by Carol and Negan, where all the proofs of his crimes are present. With the arrival of Carol, Pamela, and Mercer, Daryl takes hostage of Lance. Although Daryl is later convinced by the other three to surrender but before surrendering, Daryl stabs Lance for his earlier actions. The scene again shifts to Max and Carol, who are determined to take Sebastian down and are planning their own secret plans for the same.

The plans that they are making will be running contrary to Carol’s. Carol is also shown confessing to Daryl about his doings to Lance. The opening minutes made viewers realize that the group is facing a different war that has made their position crumble due to politics and backstabbing within the Commonwealth.


The walking deadCarol is seen making a deal with the head of Commonwealth, Pamela Milton, whereas Pamela is shown grieving for her son. Carol’s deal with Pamela will allow her to rebuild her community with all essential supplies to be rebuilt.

The Founders Day celebration is at its peak, and a WWE Match is taking place with three muscular dudes in funny costumes and a fake announcer. In the next scene, Max is seen recording Pamela’s son on how he curses the citizens of the Commonwealth for their stupid behavior. Next, the scene shifts to Founders day, where everyone looks excited and happy, and lately, in the event, the rant of Pamela’s son is played on loudspeakers by  Max and Eugene.

Walking Dead, Season 11 Episode 21

Meanwhile, Hornsby is on screen again, who hatched his own plans with the two spies he had that is the Bald Guy and Fake Eugene Romantic Lady. A no. of people were killed by them with their silenced pistols and later turned into zombies. The next scene shows people being angry on recording Sebastian and the very moment the zombies interrupt the Founders day celebration. Sebastian is later seen trying to throw Max into the Zombie, but Eugene Interrupts and throws Sebastian into the Zombie instead. And here dies Sebastian in gruesome death, and the crowd looks at the horrific scene.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 19 Release Date

Episode 19 of the Season 11 of The Walking Dead, titled Variant, will be broadcasted on October 16, 2022, AT 9 PM EST. Although the Episode Variant is available to be watched on  AMC+

Europe and Nearby Countries where EST is applicable- October 16, 2022- 9 PM

Australia- October 16, 2022- 4 PM

Pacific Time Zone- 6 PM

Where To  Watch The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 19?

The fans and people who do not want to wait for October 16 can surely watch it up on AMC+ Subscription and get an insight about the Variant before anyone else does. Apart from AMC+ Subscriptions, you can instead watch it through different LIVE TV Streaming platforms like- Spectrum, Sling TV, DIRECTV, Philo TV, Apple TV, and YouTube Tv.