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Choi Saeng-eun had been a faux wife for different people for many years. She is now planning to retire and start a new life. But retirement would not be easy, and this is something Saeng-eun is not expecting
Love in contract
Love in contract poster. Credits : tvN

The story of Love in contract starts with a woman called Choi Saeng-eun. An extremely talented and attractive woman. She is excellent at acting, making her the perfect wife. She is a charming single woman who has worked as a contract marriage master for the past 13 years. It’s not that Choi Saeng-eun always worked for money exclusively. Her best friend Gwang nam was the only son of his parents. He was an ideal son and always listened to his parents.

But the only thing that he was unsuccessful at was getting married. He was gay, and his parents wanted him to get married to a woman. Unwilling to come out to his parents, he decides to have a fake wedding with Sang Eun. Later on, they both divorced but lived together as roommates as they had similar personalities. 

One of her clients is a mysterious man for whom she has worked for the past five years. His name is Jung Ji Ho. He has been using Sang Eun’s services on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. While her only task was to have dinner with him at his home, she slowly started developing feelings for him.

But the introduction of a new character made her life even more difficult!

Love in contract
Love in contract trailer


Park Min-young is the lead actress in this show. She’s also a well-known Korean rom-com actress. She’s playing the role of Choi Saeng-eun.

Go Kyung-Pyo is playing the role of the mysterious client Jung Jin-ho. Kim Jae-young is playing the role of Hae-jin. A popular Korean actor who is head over heels in love with Saeng-eun.


Episode Review

So this rom-com was released on September 21, 2022, and airs on tvN every day, Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 PM as per Korean standard time. So far, it has aired 6 episodes. Let’s look at the summary of every episode and understand the dynamic of this show.


Episode 1

The first episode starts with Choi Saeng-eun praising her client’s husband. A good-looking, rich man is one of the most mysterious characters I’ve ever seen in a K-drama. Saeng-eun is a huge fan of her client’s husband, Jung Ji-ho, cooking. And every day that she spends with him is peaceful and nice.

Love in contract
Love In Contract episode 1 promo.

Jung Ji-hi was the only man who had been committed to her for the past five years. And even though they had been together for the past five years, Saeng-eun knew nothing about this man. The reason why she chose to start this business was that at the very young age of around 20 years, she was almost forced into marrying a rich CEO. But she broke off that marriage and had been living alone ever since then. 


Love in contract
Saeng-eun as a faux wife Credits : Rakuten Viki

Now the introduction of a new character takes place; his name is Hae-jin. Hae-Jin is one of the top models in Korea with a well-established acting career. Being a celebrity can be difficult, thanks to the paparazzi, crazy obsessive fans, and rumors. One of the hotly debated topics was if Hae-Jin had a wife. Or girlfriend? Hae-Jin always denied the claims of having any wife, but he could be seen calling someone ‘honey’ out of Love on his phone often.

His mysterious ‘honey’ was none other than his cat. His cat’s name was Jamie, whom he had named after his first Love. 13 years ago, Hae-Jin had met a bold, fierce, rebellious, and strong woman who knew how to stand up for herself. Her name was Jamie, and he was head over heels in love with her. But unfortunately, he never met Jamie after that particular day. And since then, he had never met anyone as bold as Jamie. Thus, he never dated.

The episode ends with Jung Ji asking for a divorce from Saeng-eun, leaving her in utter shock.

Love in contact
Jung Ji and Saeng-eun are having dinner together. Credits Rakuten Viki

Episode 2

In the second episode of Love in the contract, we get to see Hae-jin being surrounded by a huge no. of paparazzi and fans as he is signing for a new movie. We also see that Hae-jin doesn’t have the best relationship with his family, and he can be seen arguing with his brother.

Love in contract
Love in contract, episode 2 promo

Saeng-eun and Gwang-nam had planned that they would leave Korea and would shift to  Canada to start a new life.

Saeng-eun and Gwang-nam discuss their future. Credits: Rakuten viki

She had decided to tell her retirement planning to her oldest client Ji-ho. But even before she could say something about it, Ji-oh asked her for divorce himself leaving Saeng-eun in shock. Although she never had very strong feelings for Ji-ho other than a small infatuation, she got jealous and mad over the fact that Jung Ji had asked her for a divorce. She didn’t know how to react, so she asked for an extension of her contract for a month as Jung Ji had just recently made the payments to which Jung Ji, although a little confused, agreed.

Every month Saeng-eun used to give some of her money to a middle-aged woman called Miss Yoo. Although she had a bitter relationship with Ms. Yoo, Miss Yoo was the one who had looked after her throughout her childhood. And when Saeng-eun left her house, Miss Yoo got fired too. Interestingly, the emotionless Jung Ji had been somewhat upset about this divorce too. He was confused, and he kept asking himself the same question.

“Why has Saeng-eun extended her contract when she wants to leave the country anyways.” Jung Ji was an observant man; he had noticed the ticket to Canada in her purse and had asked for the divorce himself to make things easier for her. He then started to get lost in nostalgia as he wondered how Saeng-eun used to come to this place regularly and how she used to share her dreams, aims and wishes with him. 

In this episode, we also saw Hae-jin shifting to the same building as Ji ho. They can exchange words outside the apartment, and when they are coming towards the lift, Hae-jin finds Jamie/ Saeng-eun there. He could not believe that he had finally met his crush after 13 years. But soon, he realized that she was married to Ji ho. He was surprised that how come the woman was so against marriage and had been married for five years now. This question would not let him sleep at night.

Hae-jin was surprised to see Saeng-eun for the first time. Credits: Rakuten viki

Since the very beginning, Hae-Jin had been kind of suspicious when it came to Jung Ji-ho. He even saw him the other night trying to do something near his door, which seemed suspicious. It seemed as if he was returning after murdering someone. Jung Ji caught Hae-Jin and left that place quietly.

Hae-jin is trying to tell Saeng-eun about her suspicious husband. Credits: Rakuten viki

Haejin came downstairs and saw pictures of a woman covered in blood. Hae-Jin was mortified after looking at those pictures. He was scared and wanted to discuss this with Saeng-eun the next day. But the next day, when he tried to talk to Saeng-eun, she asked him not to comment about her husband.

Hae-jin . Credits: Rakuten viki

The next time she comes to the building, she’s stopped by Hae-Jin in the lift before she goes to Jung Ji’s place. He tells her about the pictures, knives, etc., that he had seen with Jung Ji. He asks her if her relationship was okay with her husband, as he seems like a wanted criminal. Their discussion is interrupted by Jung Ji, and he takes Saeng-eun with her.


Episode 3

The directors started this episode by revealing Jung Ji’s profession. Even at his office, he sucked at carrying on any conversation. He even got scolded by his boss because of this.

Love in contract
Love in contract, episode 3 promo.

Haejin then confronted Jung Ji in this episode. He asked him if he was a killer because Hae-jin had seen knives and dangerous stuff with him. Jung Jin then explains to him that he’s a Judge and the pictures that he had were those of a woman who died recently. Her abusive partner probably murdered her as he had seen her in court, and she was terrified. 

Jung Ji’s feelings are getting stronger every day, which can be seen when he takes Saeng-Eun inside and asks her about her plans for the future.  After she answered his question, there was some awkward silence. But then Saeng-eun carried the conversation. After some time, both of them just stared at each other. The reality of separation was hurting both of them. 


Jung Jin-ho and Saeng-eun discuss their future. Credits: Rakuten Viki

Someone broke into his home at Hae-jin’s place, and he was terrified. But once he turns on the lights, he discovers the trespasser is none other than his mother. She came inside his house after taking the keys from the manager. He asks his mother to leave him alone as he is not interested in dealing with the family. As for Saeng-eun, this was the first ever Friday holiday for her. She had been working continuously for years, and today she was finally free for the first time.

It was a rainy evening that day, and on her way to Ji how’s house, she gets attacked by a man in black robes, a computerized voice, and a black helmet. If Hae-Jin had not shown up then, Saeng-eun probably would have been badly hurt.

Hae-jin saves Saeng-eun from a stalker. Credits Rakuten Viki

Hae-jin took her to his home, gave her new clothes, and even put a bandaid on her arms as Ji ho was away. Hae-jin still couldn’t believe that everything was okay with her. But she assured him that everything was alright. To which Hae-jin replies that he knows that she’s the daughter of the CEO of a rich company.

By then, Saeng-eun came downstairs and asked Ji ho if he would like to discuss everything at a restaurant. He agrees, and she tells him everything that has happened to her. She felt that this was just some sort of hate crime against women, but Ji ho believed it could be more than that. He explained to her that her profession was a risky business. And most probably, an ex-client had tried to murder her because he couldn’t handle the rejection and was thus believing that Saeng-eun deserved to die. 

Saeng-eun misinterpreted this and took this as an insult. She immediately exchanged divorce papers with him and came back home. 

Love in contract
Saeng-eun got mad at Jung Ji, and she asked to exchange divorce papers immediately. Credits : Rakuten viki

The next day, when she opened the envelope, she found 2 concert tickets for her favorite band, and she got embarrassed for what she had done the day before and apologized to Ji-ho on call. The episode ends with Jung Ji-ho going over to Hae-jin’s place and explaining that the man who had attacked Saeng-eun the other day is connected to Hae-Jin.

discovering movie tickets
Discovering movie tickets in her envelope, which was supposed to contain divorce papers. Credits: Rakuten Viki

Episode 4

Love in contract
Love In Contract episode 4 promo

The fourth episode of this series is full of surprises. They both even attended the concert but not together. On his way home from the concert, he met his boss outside the hall; his boss kept asking him if he had come to attend the concert alone. But luckily, Saeng-eun comes there and saves him.


Jung Ji’s boss asking him who is the woman next to him. It’s none other than Saeng-eun trying to save him. Credits: Rakuten viki
Jung Ji’s boss asks him who is the woman next to him. It’s none other than Saeng-eun trying to save him. Credits: Rakuten Viki

On the other side, we could see Miss Yoo doing a small deal with the Gangjin group. She met her old friend John, and her task was to convince him to buy that land. Gangjin group was trying to trick John into buying the land on which the government was planning to build a green belt. Gangjin had told John that the land was theirs. But they didn’t show proof of land documents to John but somehow convinced him to buy it.

Soon John found out about this trick and sued Gangjin company for this. But Gangjin blamed everything on Miss Yoo, and she got arrested by the police. The next day, Jung Ji ho’s boss invited everybody for dinner at Ji ho’s place, even without Ji ho’s knowledge. At first, he is mad at him but then, seeing that his boss is not leaving with any other option, he agrees.

Sang-eun advises Jung on how to develop better social skills. Credits Rakuten Viki

Saeng eun then comes over to his place, and He then asks her for some tips on socializing. Soon she receives a phone call from Gwang-nam, who updates her on everything related to Ms.Yoo, leaving Saeng-eun in utter shock.

For all the time that he had spent with Saeng-eun, Ji ho never considered asking her about her family. But now he found himself questioning as he knew nothing about the woman he had been married to for the past 5 years.

The next day, Saeng-eun visited Miss Yoo, and she even bailed her out. she also paid all the money she was supposed to pay as a punishment. As a result, poor Saeng-eun was left with no money. She called Gwang-nam and told him she was not going to Canada with him. Gwang nam calms her down and asks her to visit Jung Ji ho. He then adds that if she’s not going to foreign, he wouldn’t be going either.

Jung Ji ho at a restaurant with his colleagues
Jung Ji ho at a restaurant with his colleagues. Credits: Rakuten Viki

Saeng -Eun was then on her way to Jung Ji ho’s building. But she was stopped by Haejin in the middle. Hae-Jin gave her sunglasses and a cloth to cover her face and requested she just go with him. And as soon as he reached outside his building, a group of Paparazzi took pictures of them as he publicly announced that he was getting married soon. This announcement was being made on live TV, which Ji ho had been watching.


This announcement shocked everybody, including Saeng-eun.

Love in contract
Hae-jin announces in front of the media that he will get married to the woman standing next to him. Credits: Rakuten Viki

Episode 5

Episode 5 in a lump sum was nothing but Jung Ji ho finally losing his patience; he was getting jealous and couldn’t deny his feelings for Saeng-eun. From getting mad at his colleagues who were discussing Hae-Jin’s marriage to wanting  Saeng-Eun to extend her contract, Ji ho couldn’t stop himself from thinking about her.

This episode ended with Gwang-nam getting worried for Saeng-eun and taking her on a hike as she seemed to have been bothered by her job. But as soon as they opened their door, Jung Ji ho could be found standing there.

Love in contract
Jung Ji shows up at Saeng-Eun’s house. Credits: newbie review, YouTube


Episode 6 Review 

Season 6 started with Jung Ji following Saeng-eun around. He kept requesting her to extend the contract. After a lot of requests finally, she agreed. She asked both men to choose the respective days. And it was decided that Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays were reserved for Jung Ji and Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for Hae-jin. However, they both had agreed to this new deal. Jungi Ji ho could be seriously struggling with this, especially when he saw them together in a park. 


Love in contact
Hae-Jin and Saeng-Eun at a park. Credits: Newbie review.

Love In Contract Episode 7 Release Date, Time, And Where To Watch

Episode 7 of Love in the contract will be released today. That is October 12, 2022.

British Time: 2:30 PM (October 12)

Pacific Time: 6:30 AM (October 12)

Philippine Time: 9:30 PM (October 12)

Korean standard time: 10:30 PM (October 12)


You can watch the latest episode of this romance drama on the tvN television network Korea. If you’re outside Korea, then you can watch it on Rakuten Viki. 


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