Little Demon Episode 9: Release Date, Recap & Streaming Guide

Little Demon is a Television Series that includes animated characters. The series is created by Darcy Fowler, Seth Kirschner, and Kieran Valla. The show was aired on 25 August 2022 and is intended for a mature audience since it contains abusive and sexual language.

The story is led by a young girl named Chrissy, who is an Antichrist and the daughter of Satan and her mother, Laura. She and her mother try their best to live like any normal person in Delaware. Because Laura lives separately against the will of Satan, she and her daughter often have to face the consequences of his power.

Little Demon Episode 8 Recap

At the start of Episode 8, titled ‘Domestic Disturbance VIII,’ we have introduced to Chrissy and Erwin, a demon who is having a chat. Chrissy’s mom Laura enters the house with some groceries and asks about her essay result, to which Chrissy replies she had scored a B grade.

Laura asks Chrissy what she would like for dinner, to which she replies: “Tacos will be fine.”. But when Laura went to the kitchen, she saw an unwashed dish and scolded her daughter. Chrissy, in her defense, told her that it was not my plate. It must be yours. This enrages Laura, and she throws out the tacos and starts smoking in the kitchen.

Chrissy asks whether they will have dinner or not. Then Laura tells her no, they will not. In anger, she abused her mother and went inside her room to eat coco potties. This enraged Laura, and she told her even after all the sacrifices I’ve made for you, this is how you treat me.

Then they had a brawl in which they used their demonic power and cursed each other. Laura mentioned how pathetic Chrissy is because, for fun, she turned her best friend into a blob monster.

The enrages Chrissy abuses her mom. After which, Laura summons rats, and Chrissy summons cockroaches. Laura told the summoned cockroaches to infest Chrissy’s room. To protect her room, Chrissy ordered the cockroaches to kill the rats on sight if anyone tried to enter her room.

After a few minutes have passed, we see Chrissy’s speech in front of the cockroaches, telling them how she will not live under her mother’s influence. After her powerful speech, the cockroaches were seen saluting her and were motivated. After all the shouting and breaking of things, many people have become a spectator and enjoys the fight between mother and daughter.

Laura has Chrissy’s cell phone and threatens her that if she doesn’t come in peace, she will destroy her phone. But Chrissy didn’t come. By seeing how stone-cold Chrissy’s mother is, many of Chrissy’s classmates hail Laura as a cool mom. In revenge for her cell phone, Chrissy destroys her mother’s car.

Then we see an individual come out from the spectator and grab the mother-daughter attention. His name was Bennigan, and he was converted into a monster by Chrissy. After a lot of requests from him, they call the quit. But while Chrissy was coming down, she found a journal in which her mom had written, ‘she wished she never had her.

This broke Chrissy and made her release her demonic power. In anger, she didn’t realize the ceiling had become weak and started to break. Before she got crushed by the ceiling, her mother saved her, and they safely went outside. After this, Laura told her that she had written this when Chrissy was very young. Because they were poor, they had to search for leftovers, which was not good for Chrissy’s health.

Which is why she hoped if she hadn’t her, Chrissy would not have to face any of the problems. After listening to her mom, Chrissy became emotional, and they made peace.

Little Demon Episode 9 Release Date

Little demon Episode 9, titled ‘Wet Bodies,’ will release on 13 October 2022. The show will air at 10 pm as per the US time zone. For the international audience, they can watch as follows:

UK at 3 am (Friday, 14 October 2022)

Australia 1 pm (Friday, 14 October 2022)

Canada 10 pm (Thursday, 13 October 2022)

Where to watch Little Demon Episode 9?

You can enjoy the show on Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. All of these are paid streaming platforms.

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