Reginald the Vampire Episode 2: Release Date Preview & Where To Watch

The world of vamipres consists of rich,good looking vampires. Reginald is an exception among them with some unique qualities
Reginald the Vampire Episode 2: Release Date, Preview & Where To Watch

Starring the Spiderman actor Jacob Batalon, Reginald the Vampire is a new series by SyFy released on 5th October 2022. This dramedy show focuses on the development of a rather unusual vampire called Reginald.

Reginald the Vampire Credits: SyFy

If you’ve not watched the trailer yet, I highly recommend you check it out as soon as possible.


Having a vampire as your main character usually is an indication of a bloodbath and pain. It also indicates thriller, horror, and action genres. But have you ever expected a TV series involving vampires to have comedy as one of its key elements?

The essence of comedy, thanks to Jacob Batalon, is one of the key features of Jeremiah S. Chechik’s Reginald, the vampire. Fans are delighted to see Jacob in action again.

Reginald at his shop Credits: SyFy

As we had seen in the trailer, Jacob is playing the role of a boy called Reginald Andres. A young guy was working in a slushy shake shop. Reginald is really tired of his boring life as he’s not living up to his dreams. His romantic life is equally dry, and he is really hesitant to ask out the girl he really likes.

His colleagues demotivate him and tell him that the girl deserves someone better than him. We could also see Reginald complaining about his life to the almighty. He believes he didn’t receive the life that he deserved and, thus, deserves a refund.

Reginald’s crush Sarah Credits: SyFy

Maybe it was god, or perhaps it was Satan, but the very next moment, we see a good-looking guy come into action. He’s a vampire mentor called Maurice Miller. Reginald is confused when he sees Maurice for the first time, and before he can realize he has been turned into a vampire by two good-looking female vampires who had fed on him.

Moments before the vampires fed on Reginald. Credits: SyFy

Maurice explains to him some of the rules and regulations of the Vampire world. This new reality was like a dream. Every single word coming out of Maurice’s mouth seemed delusional to Reginald.

At first, Reginald finds it really difficult to manage this whole new identity, and he needs to work in the time at his factory while trying to protect his new identity as a Vampire on nights (as revealed later on). He needs to take precautions so that he might not get murdered by his fellow vampires, as the Vampire chief wants him dead.

Reginald tries his best not to let his colleagues know about his secret Credits: SyFy

Reginal’s colleagues grew suspicious of him with every passing day. He was afraid of stepping into the sun and always wore shades. He is also told that in order to be accepted by the community of vampires, he must qualify for the vampiric ability and assessment test. And if he fails, he’ll die.

Maurice could later be seen telling Reginald that he’s an exceptional vampire with some special potential unknown to the viewers right now. This potential is what makes him dangerous for the vampiric community, and that is why the chief wants him dead.


The regional cast mainly consists of Jacob Batalon as the lead character Reginald. Mandela Van Peebles as the mysterious vampire mento Maurice Miller. And lastly, Emily Haine is Sarah Kinney, who is Reginald’s crush.

Reginald the Vampire review

Many fans claim that Reginald the Vampire is a parody of the infamous vampire movie called Twilight. Be it Twilight or the Salvatore brothers from the vampire diaries, and it doesn’t matter which series it is. One thing they all have in common is Good looking white, tall, and charming vampires.

This is not the case with Jacob’s vampire, though. Reginald is our good-hearted timid vampire who knows that he needs blood to survive but is not willing to murder any innocent people for that. Infact he even offered 50 dollars to a man just to drink some of his blood. As all the vampire series have something unique about them and have their own vampiric rules and guidelines, Reginald the Vampire tries to break most of them.

Reginald (right) and Maurice (left). Credits: SyFy

Reginald, the vampire, has one of those oldest tropes, in which the vampires try to keep their girlfriends/ crushes safe, which can often seem boring. But that doesn’t mean this new SyFy show is just a waste as some people claim it to be. Many critics believe that this series was supposed to highlight body positivity and has failed at that, and it has been shaming fat people.

But I personally believe that the entire plot of the series is based on the fact that Reginald is a chubby, soft, and one-of-a-kind vampire. Who is very different from the conventional definition of a vampire. I believe people don’t understand that the creators here are not trying to justify body shaming.

They just want their viewers to have a light comedy show which features a non-conventional vampire. The fat jokes in the series highlight the main cause of the lack of self-esteem in Reginald. These jokes do not justify body shaming. Moreover, Reginald is just a fictional character who is going through things that so many people go through every day.

The character of Reginald is very relatable to a huge number of people. If the creators wanted to be mean, then they could have named the show “Fat vampire” instead of “Reginald the Vampire.” After all, the show is inspired by Johnny Truant’s Fat Vampire novels. Not to mention, some fans are expecting something huge from the show, but I believe it’s a light comedy cum drama. Thus, it should be taken lightly.

Reginald the Vamipre. Credits: YouTube.

I’ll conclude by saying that this show is not meant for debates. It’s a nice show that you can watch after a bad day. The amount of time and energy people have invested in arguing over the fact that it’s fat-phobic or not is ridiculous. Because clearly, the writers are trying to deliver a  unique vampire for us.

The writers had shown how when Reginald was a human, he suffered from fat shaming and went through similar issues in the Vampire world when other vampires do not find him attractive as they’re stuck in the same orthodox definitions of a vampire as a lot of our critics.

Reginald the Vampire episode 2 release date

The second episode of this series is expected to release on 12th October 2022  at approximately 10 P.M. as per Eastern time. Fans are super excited to know how the situations would unfold for this newly transformed shy vampire. You can watch this show on Syfy.



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