Chucky Season 2 Episode 2: Release Date Recap Where To Watch And More

Chucky season 2 is out and we all are waiting eagerly to know if the trio survives this season.
Chucky and Jake

The first episode of Chucky season 2 left fans with a lot of questions, and they’re eagerly waiting for the next episode. Chucky is a horror show based on the Child’s Play film franchise which started long back ago in 1988.

Since then, it has gained a lot of fans, and the producers continued to make its sequels, with the last one being released on August 24th, 2017, called the Cult of Chucky. The Chucky TV series is the sequel to the last film. Its first episode of season one, “Death by Misadventure,” was released on October 12th, 2021.

It started with a 14-year-old boy called Jake Wheeler from New Jersey buying a vintage Good Guy doll named Chucky. He used a doll for his art project. Jake was your regular good boy with interest in art.

He was soft and thus used to get bullied by his cousins, friends, and sometimes even his family. Jake is forced to throw his doll Chucky away. Chucky then trails Jack and starts murdering and humiliating the people who did Jake dirty.

Summary Of Season 1

So, in Season One of Chucky, we saw Chucky, the doll, tracking Jake and returning to him. Jake discovers later that the doll is possessed by serial killer Charles Lee Ray. The doll continues to try to persuade Jake to commit murder.

He keeps pleading with Jake to kill his bully Lexy. Lexy is also Jake’s cousin Junior’s girlfriend. As the season progressed, we saw Chucky murdering a large number of people. He began by murdering Jake’s father, Lucas. He electrocuted Lucas to death.

Chucky embarrassed Lexy at the school show. Credits: Don Mancini

He then goes after Lexy. Lexy’s sister has an obsession with Chucky, and Lexy apologizes and asks Jake if he could give it to her. Jake agrees, and it is when Chucky decides to kill Lexy off at the Halloween party at her house.

Later on, we see, at the Halloween party, Chucky murders some other guy instead of Lexy as he assumed him to be her. No one could hear his painful screams because of the loud music. Chucky doesn’t stop here, and he sets Lexy’s house on fire.

In the aftermath of the fire Lexy and Jake band together to stop Chucky. The house fire puts Lexy’s sister Caroline in the intensive care unit. Devon, by then, conducts research on Charles Lee Ray, an urban legend who has been transformed into a Good Guy doll. Following this, a police officer appears and transports the children and Chucky to a hospital, where he (the officer) is murdered by the doll.

Chucky sets Lexy’s house on fire. Credits: Don Mancini

When Nathan Cross returns home, he brings Caroline a new Good Guy doll named Tommy in replacement of her old doll Chucky. Lexy, Devon, and Jake then throw the burnt-up Chucky in the trash, assuming he’s dead. During this chaotic period, Jake finally kisses Devon, and they begin dating.

Return Of Tiffany And Nica

Tiffany and Nica from the original series visit the town. Tiffany is Chucky’s lover. Nica is paraplegic and was possessed by Prime Charles by the end of the previous film. After Chucky’s murders, both of them were on their way to Hackensack. However, they are not the only characters who have returned to the series. Andy and his foster sister Kyle are also on their way to Hackensack.

Andy has spent his entire life being brutally tormented by this toy. He was the original Chucky doll owner. In an effort to put an end to this doll, Andy and his sister are hopeful that this will be the last time.

Andy and his sister Kyle. Credits: Don Mancini

After turning himself into Tommy, Chucky returns to town and manages to get away with killing Oliver and the school’s principal. By this point, it is known that Chucky actually hails from Hackensack, and Tiffany succeeds in acquiring Chucky’s former residence.

Conversely, when Chucky kills Bree, the mother of Junior, her therapist claims that she committed suicide as a result of depression. Luckily, by this point, Jake has successfully reached out to Kyle and Andy.

By this point, Chucky has also killed Detective Evans, the mother of Devon. Devon then departs the community to live with his aunt. The loss of Bree had a profound effect on Junior, who then began blaming Jake for everyone’s deaths. Junior then falls victim to Chucky’s manipulation after this. As a result, he kills Logan, his own father.

Devon is taken captive by a gang of Good Guy dolls as well, and Lexy and Jake attempt to save him but end up being drugged by Kyle, who intends to keep them safe.

Season Finale And The Ultimate Plan Of Chucky

Tiffany later shows her collection of Good Guy dolls to Chucky and Junior at her place, which she had brought to fulfill Chucky’s plan. Tiffany was mad at Chucky for being neglectful and ignoring her all this time. She complains to Chucky, and he orders Junior to kill her. She also planted a bomb in her basement, which blew up and seemingly killed Kyle and Andy.

Tiffany’s ultimate plan. Credits: Don Mancini

Chucky season one finale ends with kids rushing to the screening of Frankenstein. Where Tiffany, Junior, and Chucky had planned to murder all the guests. But alas! Chucky had already started murdering people, and it was not until Lexy convinced Junior to take the right step that these killings stopped.

Then Junior stabs Chucky, but sadly Chucky stabs him back, and Junior eventually perishes. Jake smashes Chucky’s head to end his life. Additionally, it is revealed that Andy escaped the bomb explosion and took control of the truck carrying the Good Guy toys. However, Tiffany’s doll later holds him hostage. The following day, Lexy, Jake, and Devon can be seen visiting Junior’s cemetery before an unidentified gloved hand emerges.



Jake wheeler: the main character of the series. He owned the Chucky doll in season one. He’s a gay boy whose romantic interest is in Devon. He’s currently living in a foster home after the death of his father, uncle, aunt, and cousin.

Lexy Cross: She is the popular girl who bullied Jake in school but also helped him to get rid of Chucky in season one. She was also Junior’s girlfriend.
Devon Evans is the son of detective Evans. He lost his mother in season one, and as a result, he’s with his aunt currently.

Caroline Cross: She is Lexy’s sister who was obsessed with the Chucky doll.

Season 2, Episode 1 Recap

Season 2 of Chucky was released on October 5th, 2022. The first episode is titled “Halloween ll.” If you’ve not watched the trailer yet, I highly recommend you watch it by clicking here.

Tiffany’s doll form has Andy hostage, and she forces him to drive the van off a cliff. Six months have passed since Junior’s death, and Jake now lives in a foster home. He also has a younger foster brother there called Garry. Back here in the town, Mayor Michelle is in therapy and has developed a serious fear of dolls thanks to the tragedies.

She also blames Junior for all the murders. That took place six months ago. Her therapist gives her a “nonpossessed doll” to fight this fear. This doll looked like the “Tiffany’s bride doll.” Lexy grows suspicious of this doll and warns her sister not to trust the doll. Lexy then tells Jake and Devon about the new doll, and then both of them come over to her place.

The next day Garry comes to Lexy’s place with a Chucky in his hands. The Chucky had a bomb in its hands and had come there to kill all three of them at the same time. He also tells them that most of the dolls from the van have survived. Before Chucky can kill them, Garry picks up his bomb and, as a result, gets attacked by Chucky, which results in the detonation of the bomb, killing both of them.

Lexy, Devon, and Jake are blamed for Garry’s death. As a result, they’re sent to a child detention center. Upon arrival, Devon realizes immediately that this school is the same school where Charles Ray grew up.

Devon, Lexy, and Jake are on their way to their new school after Garry’s death. Credits: Don Mancini

Chucky Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date And Spoilers

Episode 2, “The Sinners Are Much More Fun,” is set to release on October 12th, 2022.

Chucky Season 2 Episode 2 Expectations And Spoilers.
Since Chucky has now managed to bring all three kids to his house, we are expecting him to show no mercy and will probably use all the Good guy dolls to cause havoc and murder all three children.
Will all three of them survive this season? Will he try to manipulate Jake the same way he manipulated his cousin Junior?

You can watch Chucky on Syfy, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video , and Google Play.


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