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The Rookie Season 5 episode 3- Recap, Cast, Release Date, Where To Watch And More

This season is going to be very special for Nolan. Nick Armstrong, the corrupted police officer may have made the life of our protagonist difficult but this new season holds something special for him.
This season is going to be very special for Nolan. Nick Armstrong, the corrupted police officer may have made the life of our protagonist difficult but this new season holds something special for him.

The Rookie premiered on ABC in 2018 and starred Nathan Fillion, Alyssa Diaz, and Richard T. Jones. The plot of The Rookie revolves around a rookie officer of the Los Angeles Police Department. What makes this Rookie unique is that he is in his forties and is attempting to restart his life. It can be difficult to be the oldest Rookie, but it is not impossible. The series’ first season premiered on October 18th, 2018.

The Rookies. credits: Amazon prime

Cast Of The Rookie

Nathan Fillion plays John Nolan.
John Nolan, 45, is a rookie cop with the Los Angeles Police Department. John had studied law in Pennsylvania but dropped out to start a construction company. Following his divorce, John decided to join the LAPD.

John may lack in terms of agility due to his age, but his determination to overcome all obstacles can be seen throughout all seasons. Whether it’s defending an undermanned border station or surviving a kidnapping by a serial killer, John has always proven that he’s one of a kind.

John Nolan in The Rookie. Credits: ABC TV channel

Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez
As Angela Lopez, Alyssa Diaz plays a detective with the LAPD. Since the first season, she has been gathering followers thanks to her powerful, brave, defiant, and stubborn persona. She works as the training officer of Jackson West. Despite their tumultuous relationship, West and Lopez do watch out for one another.

By season three, Lopez has become a detective and is engaged to defense lawyer Wesley Evers. We witnessed a drug mafia kidnapping pregnant Angela Lopez in seasons three and four. The mafia group transported her to Guatemala. The drug cartel had planned to kill her, but her husband and friends were able to save her, and Jackson West lost his life while attempting to do so. She gave birth to a child and named him Jackson, as West’s death had affected her deeply.

Angela Lopez, credits: ABC TV channel

Wade Grey. Credits : ABC TV channelRichard T. Jones as Wade Grey.

Wade Grey, a Watch Commander police sergeant, is played by this Grey’s Anatomy actor. Although he is a rigorous and precise cop, he still considers his fellow officers to be his family, and this can be seen in season 4 when Officer West passes away; he is disturbed and grieved.

Mekia Cox as Nola Harper

Nola Harper is a smart, logical, and pragmatic person. She is a highly skilled law enforcement professional. She has extensive first-hand experience working covertly against drug and narcotic cartels. Additionally, she has trained John Nolan, the rookie police who is our protagonist.

Since Nola is a single mother, she wants to have a healthy relationship with her small daughter, and she makes every effort to do so. By season five, Nola has fallen in love again and is pregnant with a second child.

Nola Harper credits the ABC TV channel

Eric Winter as Tim Bradford.

Tim Bradford is portrayed by Eric Winter. Like our other primary characters, this handsome officer is a serious and focused individual, and only his dog gets to see his sensitive side. This law enforcement officer is an expert at working undercover.

Tim is dependable and always there for his coworkers. However, he gets along the most with Lucy Chen, the rookie officer he is training. Fans anticipate that this couple will spend more time together in the next fifth season.

Tim Bradford, credits: ABC TV Channel

Mellisa O’Neill as Luci Chen.

Lucy Chen is a 29 years old rookie officer guided by Tim. She’s close to Nolan And West and was heartbroken when West sacrificed himself in the fourth season. After her training is complete, she undergoes special training to be an undercover officer.

Lucy Chen credits: ABC TV channel.

What Do We Know So Far?

Credits: ABC

Season one of The Rookie started with John Nolan as a rookie at the LAPD. He had been field training throughout that season. In season two, we saw Lopez and Wesley getting closer to each other, and by season three, Lopez had been promoted to the post of detective, and she was pregnant too. Nolan could be seen waiting for his training period to end, and it was during this time that Lopez and Wesley got married.

Angela, on her wedding day, moments before she was kidnapped. Credits: ABC TV channel

Unfortunately, a drug gang seeking retribution for them kidnaps pregnant Lopez on the day of her wedding. The fourth season centered on Lopez’s escape from Guatemala. We finally saw Nolan finish his training as the season went on. (Armstrong, a cunning nasty cop, had lengthened his training session).

We also observed Nolan’s growing attraction to Bailey in season 4. She is a firefighter who is married to an abusive man. Nolan assists his girlfriend, Bailey, in divorcing that man and puts him in jail.

While Nola Harper is on maternity leave, we’ll be seeing Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford go on an undercover mission. This season is special for John Nolan as he’ll be training a rookie called Celina Juarez.

Nolan and Lucy. Credit: ABC TV channel

Now, first off, if you’ve not watched the trailer for season 5 yet, we recommend you check it out as soon as possible.

Season 5 starts with Nolan going face-to-face with the serial killer, Rosalind Dyer, who had kidnapped Lucy previously. Rosalind has a weird obsession with Nolan, and she tells him that she is not done with Nolan yet. We also see officers Lopez, Tim, and Lucy working undercover to take down a criminal organization.

Season 5 Episode 2 Quick Recap.

Since her undercover operation was successful, Lucy is invited to Sacramento for specialized training in episode 2 of season 5. Rosalind Dyer, a serial killer, slashes her boyfriend’s wrists in an effort to exact revenge on her, so Lucy asks for some time before making a decision. Chris’s condition might be better now, but Lucy believes that his condition is her fault.

Her feelings for Tim are similarly unclear to her. In general, Lucy is having trouble because of her personal problems. Chris worries that Lucy may decide against accepting the fantastic training opportunity due to guilt. As a result, he contacts Tim and requests him to persuade Lucy to take this fantastic opportunity.

Nolan and Harper with the serial killer Dyer. Credits: ABC

This entire episode, Nolan had been working hard and preparing himself as a to-be training officer for the rookie Celina who’ll show up in episode 3. In this episode, we also see Nolan training officer Thorsen, and by the episode’s end, Thorsen declares Nolan to be the best training officer.

Nolan is also requested by the higher-ups to check up on the case of a police officer who has allegedly committed suicide. A quick preliminary examination has revealed that the officer was murdered. This entire episode, Nolan had been working hard and preparing himself as a to-be training officer for the rookie Celina who’ll show up in episode 3.

It is highly recommended to check out the episode 3 promo as soon as possible.

Episode 3 Release Date

The Rookie season 5 episode 3, Dye Hard, is set to air on ABC on Sunday, October 9th, 2022.


Where To Watch

We can watch The Rookie on Hulu plus, FuboTV, and we can rent and purchase and stream it on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play. The show would be available on ABC’s official website, too, after it had premiered on the channel.



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