Love And Marriage Huntsville Season 5 Episode 5: Release Date, Preview And Streaming Guide

Love And Marriage Huntsville

Just before we get into the release date of Love and Marriage Huntsville episode 5, just for those who missed out on the previous episode, we can have a small recap. So the show starts with Martel buying a new property. Martel confronts Monica about the rumor that was circling about the affair he was having with her assistant.

Now Martel is a big kid with 5 kids to take care of, so there are 6 kids he is trying to manage. And after this, there are rumors about him having an affair with Monica’s assistant. Martel tries to convince Monica that the rumor is false, but to his surprise, Monica is not ready to receive any excuses.

Then the scene switches to Melnika explaining that she doesn’t have any issues with Melody. She assures that she will never speak ill of her because Melody sang at her mom’s funeral, which she found very supportive. Later it was released that when Melnika was given a chance to plan Melody’s wedding, she ended up quitting at the last minute and her mother had to take over that.

Vanessa made a statement on social media about Tisha wearing a male’s t-shirt, under which she captioned, “wear your own t-shirt, Vanessa.”.

Martel tries not to give too much information to Monica and tells her that Scotts are being petty for spreading the rumor about him.

After a few minutes, we see Scott, Martel, and Lewis going out for a business meeting. I can tell you that it will be more than a business meeting.

Marcel told about how Vaness is paying child support for his little brother, which made him respect her more. Martel and Melnika, while talking to Destiny, ask her if Melody is invited to her relaunch event.

Destiny didn’t want to answer the question and to avoid answering the question, so she got away from them. After a while, Tisha and Marcel also arrive, and Tisha asks her mother if she needs any help in the arrangement of the wedding.

So, what next are we expecting from episode 5?

Love And Marriage Huntsville Season 5 Episode 5 Spoilers

So after a spectacular episode 4, in the 5th episode titled ‘Holt ‘Em Back!’ we will see Stormi and Melody make a grand entrance at Destiny’s relaunch event. And we will also see Trisha breaking things up for herself. Melody encounters Wanda about her recent behavior, which she was finding it disgusting.

Martell and Marcel will be having a furious conversation during the event.

And you might be wondering when and where to catch all of these.

Love And Marriage Huntsville Season 5 Episode 5 Release Date

Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 5 Episode 5 will be released on 8th, October 2022, Sunday. You will be able to watch this episode at 8 pm as per US timing.

Love And Marriage Huntsville Season 5 Episode 5 Streaming Platforms

The show will be streaming on OWN or Oprah Winfrey Networks. For those who don’t know, OWN is a TV network started by the billionaire Oprah Winfrey which telecasts American Black men and women struggling stories.

You can enjoy the show by purchasing their monthly subscription of $25, in which, alongside this show, you will be able to enjoy 60 more channels.

The show also streams on Discovery plus, which annual cost is relatively affordable.

What Is Love And Marriage Huntsville?

Love and Marriage Huntsville is a television series streaming on OWN, which involves three strong African-American couples giving their best effort to help the town grow with the help of their real estate venture. The couples share a long-term friendship, and all of them try their best to overcome the challenges of love and marriage. Together they are struggling for success in the hope of rejuvenating their town.

With its first episode premiered on 12 January 2019, the show has gained a lot of popularity because of the genuine and real challenges black American has to face in their relationship. The show is able to leave a print on their audience’s mind by capturing and showing cozy, heated, and mixed moments in their everyday life.

The show is produced by Kingdom Reign Entertainment, with Carlos King, Gil Lopez, and Andrew Hoagland as the executive producers.

After all the tension that will brew in the launch event, it will be exciting to know why Destiny didn’t give a reply about Melody’s invitation.

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