Journeys In Japan Season 13 Episode 21, Release Date

Journeys in Japan Season 13 Episode 21 Release Date

Journeys in Japan basically feature English-speaking travelers who visit Japan and explore new places, meet the locals of the region and discover different cultures and traditions that are not usually talked about. The show premiered on 2nd February 2010 for the first time. Till now, many celebrities have been featured in the show, including Kyle Card, Dean Newcombe, Michael Keida, and many more.

The show has received amazing ratings on IMDB and on other sites. This is a must-watch show for all the people who like to travel to different parts of the world.

Journeys In Japan Season 13 Overview

Journeys in Japan Season 13 Episode 21

In season 13, the audience learned about one of Japan’s oldest roads, the Yamanobe no Michi, which runs about 25 kilometers linking the cities of Sakurai and Nara. Michael Keida also visited many historical places and talked to the local people who live around the place.

Then, Hamamatsu lies between the cities of Tokyo and Osaka. Today, it is popularly known as the hub of manufacturing. Many companies started their start-ups at a small level, but now it has grown into global companies. In this episode, the traveler talks to the local craftsmen of some of these companies.

We also learned about Matsusaka, which is famous for its beef. The city prospered in the Edo period as a merchant town thanks to its location on the pilgrimage route. Eventually, the city started producing Japan’s leading merchants. Lena Yamaguchi explored the city, where she also traced the remains of castles and merchant towns.

In the later episodes, the travelers also explored cities such as JAPOW, which attracts skiers from all over the world, and the festivals which are celebrated to remark the changing seasons. In some places in Japan, people believe in the spiritual powers of stones and visit four sites – Okayama, Tochigi, Oita, and Aomori to learn more about these deep mysteries.

The show also looks back at the architectural features, and Ryoko Nakajima and Shizuka Anderson explored Nagasaki.

Journeys In Japan Season 13 Episode 20 Recap

In the previous episode, which was released on 4th October 2022, it was shown that the town of Wakasa-cho lies on the coast of Fukui Prefecture. In the old days, this town acted as a key hub on the highway, which also connected the region with Kyoto. A traditional dance form called Rokusai Nenbutsu is performed by the people of this area in August every year.

The audience learned more about this ceremony and tradition. This ceremony dates back over 700 years. It is performed to mark the midsummer Obon Holiday. According to the beliefs of the people, this is the time when the ancestors are believed to return to their homes.

In this episode, Cyril Coppini, who is a Rakugo artist, meets the local people of the region who are still keeping this tradition alive. The continuity of this tradition by the local people ensures that future generations will welcome the spirits of their forefathers with their whole hearts and happily.

Journeys In Japan Season 13 Episode 21 Release Date And Overview

Journeys in Japan Season 13 Episode 21

The last episode left the fans wondering who will visit the new place and where they will go. What more will they discover? Fans are eager to know more about the upcoming episode of the show.

Journeys in Japan Season 13 Episode 21 will release on 10th October 2022, Monday at 12;30 a.m. In the new episode, the audience will see Isabella Bird exploring the cities of Japan after 10 years after the country had opened its doors to the west.

One young man accompanied her and served her both as an interpreter and attendant. Her highly praised travelogue in Japan is Unbeaten Trucks. A media Personality, Riki Ohkanda, follows Isabella’s route from Yokohama to Nikko.

Where To Watch Journeys In Japan Season 13 Episode 21

There are not many streaming channels that broadcast this show. Currently, this show is not available to stream on any channel. However, the people of Japan can stream this show on NHK World. For people outside of Japan, you will need VPN Access to watch the show.

As of now, we will conclude our article. In case you like to explore various places and cities, you must add “Journeys in Japan” to your binge-watch list. This show will introduce you to various new locations in Japan. See you all the next time!

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