Help! I Wrecked My House Season 3 Episode 7: Recap And Release Date

Help! I Wrecked My House

The third season of HGTV’s “Help! I Wrecked My House,” starring Jasmine Roth, will premiere on Saturday, August 27, on HGTV and Discovery+.

The show focuses on house owners who’ve already gotten themselves into trouble while actually trying do-it-yourself refurbishments and need to be rescued.

“These are individuals who are trying to reach out and asking for assistance. Help literally. “I wrecked my house,” she admitted to TODAY in a discussion.

The 37-year-old show’s host disclosed that she needs to hold back her tears when she walks into a few of these households instead and remain positive and focused on assisting the homeowners reach the finish line.

Roth revealed that, in addition to larger transformations and renovations in Season Three, audiences would be surprised with a special treat and the end of the show.

“It’s named ‘Hazel’s Cozy Cabin,’ and it was created for my household,” she explained. “It wasn’t for a buyer; we were the client.” She went on to reveal that the episode will be broadcasted on October 1 and that “there’s a tiny bit more to it that I’m looking forward to sharing with everybody.”

Roth disclosed that the entire family participated in the design decisions, which proved difficult.

Help! I Wrecked My House Season 3 Recap

In Episode One of a Midcentury Mishap, we see that after losing a lot of money to a shady contractor, a single man is truly able to entrust a professional with his 1960s-era home. Now, Jasmine hopes to design the optimal design space, complete with charming relics from the home’s history.

In Episode 2, after tearing apart their entire building, first-time property owners discovered they lacked the expertise and time to complete a remodel. Jasmine now has six weeks to turn their kitchen, living room, and bedroom into a beach-themed oasis.

Episode 3 showcases a householder who has grand plans for a Nordic meets California beach house, but his cost estimate only allows for the bathroom and office. As she works to bring his big concepts to life, Jasmine faces a significant financial challenge.

In No Right Angles, when retirees take on a more complex challenge after redeveloping their erstwhile chalet, their hopes are shattered. It’s the toughest floor plan Jasmine has encountered while attempting to incorporate its offbeat beachy aesthetic into a workable living and dining room.

A couple decides to remodel her mother’s house after losing $75,000 to a shady contractor and decades of band-aid fixes. With just an upscale shower room and a multi-functional dining and living room, Jasmine hopes to establish their confidence and congested space.

In Up in the Smoke, it’s been more than two years since one family’s kitchen burned down, and they have been living on takeaway food ever since. Jasmine’s goal now is to establish an ageless and classic kitchen and morph this residential inferno into a farmhouse-style haven with an open-concept layout.

He Said, She Said… Call Jasmine

Season 3, Episode 7, will air on October 8, 2022, aptly titled He Said She Said… Call Jasmine. The couple tried a demo DIY and ended up with holes in the floor plans. In an already awkward setup, Jasmine now has to navigate the unusual setup to incorporate a modern sunny, beachy California weather vibe. The episode is set to air on HGTV at 9 pm on October 8.

A Few Recommendations From Roth Herself To Decorate Your House This Fall


Roth disclosed that even after summer, she ends up going through every room and performing a quick overhaul of how she might end up making things work more efficiently for her family.

“I take stuff out that I am not even using.” If a chair hasn’t really been sat in for months or even years, it’s out. “It’s going because it is simply occupying space and cluttering,” she explained.

Include personal touches

“I consider the fall is a great time to add extra details to your home,” she suggests. “You just got back from the summer holidays. You probably had some wonderful times, some family memories that could be framed.”

Roth added that having new pictures on showcase can aid you in feeling “really self-assured about your interiors and having faces of individuals who make you satisfied around your house going into autumn,”

Don’t forget the exterior.

Roth suggests storing summer objects like umbrellas, pool toys, and patio furniture even before leaves fall and snow falls.