Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 18: Release Date, Preview And Streaming guide

Cold Justice

We’ll be recapping episode 17 for those who missed out; after this, we will cover the release date and streaming platforms for Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 18.

Episode 17, titled ‘The Key to The Crime (Part 1)’, involves a murder of a college student who was stabbed to death in 2007. This case hasn’t been solved even after 15 years.

Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 17 Recap

The murder case is about an 18-year-old girl, Anita. She was a freshman at Minot State University. After not answering her father’s calls for a couple of days. Anita’s father went to her apartment. After arriving, he knocked on the door for a couple of minutes. But to his surprise, no one answered. So went to the nearest window, where he found her daughter lying in her bed motionless.

So he called the police department, where it was revealed Anita was adopted as a baby. As a teenager, she was very friendly in nature, always smiling, and able to talk to anyone.

While in her college, she worked as a housekeeper in a local hotel and at a clothing store in the nearest mall.

She was stabbed two times in her upper breast area. And in the room, her purse was found with all the cash in it. Detectives concluded this murder was not because of robbery.

While searching the room, the detectives found a silver lock blade at the edge of the bed with blood stains on it. This discovery made the detectives believe that they were very close to the killer. So the knife was sent to the DNA lab, but unfortunately, nothing could be found.

After interviewing Anita’s relatives, friends, and colleagues, it was discovered that she had a conflict with her roommate Nichole before her death. And surprisingly, most of her high school friends know about this.

And it was also revealed that Nicole had been really worried about her missing iPod rather than her roommate’s death, which rose a lot of suspicion among the detectives.

Police talked to Anita’s high school friend Tyler. When he told that he had loved Anita since the start of high school, the way he was talking, detectives were sure that he was suffering emotionally from her death. He was the victim rather than a suspect.

After searching more, a man named Marty was under suspicion. He was the carpenter in Anita’s apartment. But it was revealed that he killed himself after the death of Anita.

When talking to his best friend, he told the police that they had been friends for over 45 years. He told that after Anita’s death, his attitude totally changed. Marty started taking weeds, in worry that he might lose his job because of the death.

There was also suspicion of Michale, Anita’s friend in high school. Tyler revealed that he also loved Anita. After which police suspected that because he was rejected by her, in revenge, he killed her.

When the detectives visited the lab, Dr. Stacey Mighton revealed that he had been dead there for a few days. Because there were fly eggs in the wound, the wounds were very close to each other and were done very quickly. Which meant the victim didn’t struggle in defense. So most probably, she was killed in her sleep.

After this, the episode ended.


What Are We Expecting In Cold Justice Season 6, Episode 18?

In episode 18, it will be revealed why Marty killed himself. Where is Nichole after all this? Why would anyone kill a sweet soul like Anita? All of these will be answered in Cold Justice Season 6, Episode 18.

Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 18 Release Date And Where To watch?

Episode 18, titled ‘The Key to The Crime (Part 2)’, will premiere on October 8, 2022. You will be able to watch the show at 8 pm EST.

Available streaming options are fuboTV which you can access from your mobile or your PC. It comes with a free trial.

The show is also available in Oxygen.

About The Show

Cold Justice is a crime series originally broadcast on TNT and currently being aired on Oxygen. With its first episode aired on September 3, 2013, the show has gained a lot of viewership since then.

The show is produced by Dick Wolf alongside a former prosecutor Kelly Siegler with a team of investigators.

In this series, with the approval of local law enforcement, they reopen the murder cases and solve them.

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