Boruto Episode 270: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Boruto Episode 270: Release Date Recap & Spoilers

Will Kawaki and Himawari successfully catch the assassin who tried to assassinate the exchange student at Konoha?
Will Kawaki and Himawari successfully catch the assassin who tried to assassinate the exchange student at Konoha?

With a premiere show, Boruto was wearing Sasuke’s headband and cloak. We saw Boruto fighting with Kawaki with Sasuke’s sword in a devastated Konoha village. Kawaki was found saying, “I’ll send you where I sent the seventh Hokage.” This sentence indicates the death of Naruto and Sasuke.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation stirred the hearts of all the Naruto fans with this opening, and the entire fandom went crazy. Today, Boruto might not have reached the heights of Naruto and might be resented by a lot of Naruto fans; it still has its own great loyal fan base who loves to be updated with everything that’s going on in the series.

Uzumaki Boruto Credit: Studio Pierrot

Being a Naruto fan for the past five years, I personally believe Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is not really as bad as people claim it to be. And here I’ll try to prove exactly that by highlighting the major happenings so far.

Major happenings so far

  1. Introduction of the new villains, the remaining Otsutsukis.
  2. Time travel
  3. Increasing use of technology. Boon or Bane?
  4. Introduction of Kawaki
  5. Jougan: An Otsutsuki Dojutsu stronger than the sharingan?
  6. The most powerful mode of Naruto: The baryon mode
  7. Sasuke loses Rinnegan
  8. Will Boruto eventually turn into the villain of the very series he was the protagonist for?

Introduction of the new villains, the remaining Otsutsukis

The first episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations hinted at Naruto’s demise. And soon after, we learned that in addition to Kaguya, there were other members of the Otsutsuki clan. Sasuke had been exploring several dimensional realms in search of further traces of this ancient clan’s members. During this, he encounters Momoshiki and Kinshiki.

Due to how powerful Kinshiki and Momoshiki Otsutsuki were, he had to abandon his mission to battle them. As Boruto: Naruto’s next generation progresses,  Momoshiki and Kinshiki can be seen pursuing Kurama’s chakra. They left a lot of destruction in their wake in Konoha, and if Sasuke, Boruto, and the other four Kages hadn’t shown up, Naruto would have perished.

Momoshiki (front) and Kinshiki
Momoshiki and Kinshiki Credit: Devianarts

Time travel

Although throughout a significant portion of the series, Boruto is a spoiled child who disdains his father. The filler episodes, in which he and Sasuke go back in time to visit Jiraiya and Naruto, demonstrate the noticeable shifts in Boruto’s opinions about his father. These filler episodes also demonstrate another intriguing skill that Sharingan possesses—the capacity to erase memories.

Jiraiya didn’t become the fabled Saninn overnight, and when he first saw adult Sasuke and Boruto, he recognized them as being from the future. Sasuke erases Jiraiya and Naruto’s memories while bringing Boruto back to the present in order to protect the timeline.

Naruto,Boruto and Jiraiya
Naruto,Boruto and Jiraiya Credit: Studio Pierrot

Increasing use of technology, Boon or Bane?

Now, the early fans of Naruto are aware that technology played a very small part in their universe. Many different kinds of new technologies started to appear after the fourth great ninja battle, which brought about peace. Konoha not only thrived and grew in the region, but its residents also began to live more calmly without worrying about any major threats.

However, modern technology has had an impact on traditional ninja equipment and methods. Today. Even someone who has never used ninjutsu before can use it if they know how to operate a condenser-type ninja tool. (A condenser-type ninja tool lets you conduct ninjutsu without the presence of chakra).

Ninja tool
A ninja tool Credit: Studio Pierrot

Many older followers despise this idea of technology, and to be really honest with you, I also detest new technology, But isn’t this also what is happening in our world? Since World War Two, there haven’t been any significant conflicts between the nations, people have more time to devote themselves, and technology has advanced.


In many areas of life, old techniques do work, but technology isn’t always a negative thing. People like Gai and Rock Lee nowadays can practice ninjutsu, even in the world of Naruto.


Rock Lee and gai
Rock Lee and Might Gai Credit: Devianarts

Every nice, positive thing now has a negative side. Today’s technology certainly makes life easier, but the idea of privacy is eroding over time. Not to mention, when your parents were growing up, sitting in a room alone with your books and belongings meant complete seclusion.

However, since gadgets are now an integral part of life, someone can watch you as you read this article anonymously online.
The same is true of the Naruto universe. While there, technology has simplified life. The story’s primary antagonist is the emergence of a new race of cyborgs and an Otsutsuki named Kara.

Kara Credit: Studio Pierrot

Introduction of Kawaki

Let’s return to our subject. Kawaki’s debut is another significant feature of the series. In the opening scene, Kawaki can be seen threatening Boruto to send him to the same place as Naruto. Kawaki’s introduction differs significantly from the first episode’s sneak peek. Here, Naruto adopts the orphan after seeing his suffering.

Due to his PTSD and background, Kawaki initially resisted joining the family and had trouble adjusting. With a karma seal, Kawaki is Kara’s ultimate tool. The Otsutsuki clan is the only one who can employ this diamond-shaped seal, which they can put on a vessel to use for self-resurrection after death. At the same time, Momoshiki Otsutsuki would have died. In his last moments, he implanted the karma seal in Boruto.

Kawaki, Naruto and Boruto Credit: Studio Pierrot

Jougan: An Otsutsuki Dojutsu stronger than the sharingan?

After the introduction of Kawaki, the next major moment in the series was the introduction of a new Dojutsu called Jougan. A cursed jutsu that allows one to detect and visualize chakra. It also helps users with interdimensional travel.

Jougan in Boruto’s left eye. Credits: Studio Pierrot

The most powerful mode of Naruto: The baryon mode

After the introduction of Jougan, the most awaited battle takes place in Boruto. The battle between Naruto and Isshiki Otsutsuki. Fighting a god-tier Otsutsuki was very difficult, and Naruto had to unlock a whole new mode for this, The baryon mode. So far, it is the strongest mode of Naruto, but it came with a heavy price.

Since activation of this mode used up the majority of Kurama’s chakra, Kurama died, breaking the hearts of many, including Naruto. Thanks to Kurama, Naruto got to live longer, but the battle didn’t end there.

Baryon mode
Naruto is in his most powerful mode (The baryon mode) Credit: Studio Pierrot

Sasuke loses Rinnegan

Aftermath, we saw Sasuke losing his rinnegan after getting stabbed in his eye by  Momoshiki possessed Boruto. Causing severe damage to the eternal rivals cum friends, Naruto and Sasuke.


Will Boruto eventually turn into the villain of the very series he was the protagonist for?

Every day, as Boruto became a full-blown Otsutsuki, many people suggested killing him off right in the beginning to protect the world. Naruto can see his child becoming a world threat but will he sacrifice him for the greater good? This is a  hard decision for a father who is also the protector of the world. Around the same time, we saw Amado, the scientist ditching Kara and deciding to work for Konoha instead.

He revealed many of his plans for Kara to Naruto and even implanted a new Karma in Kawaki. Many fans say this could be a dirty treacherous truck by Amado, and he can be the final villain of the story. Fans believe that Amado can pull out a move like Kabuto. Kabuto, a genius scientist cum shinobi, is one of the antagonists of the original Naruto series who betrayed Konoha.

Amado Credit: Studio Pierrot

With an ever-increasing use of Cyborgs, Naruto might have a need to use some technology to boost his powers or need to learn new techniques to overcome the upcoming god-tier Cyborgs.

Eida, the cyborg Credit: Reddit

I love how the very technology that was meant to support people is slowly coming to kill them off. The curse of jougan says that those who possess jougan eventually lose everything they love.

Will Boruto get rid of this curse? Will he turn into the antagonist of the very series he was a protagonist of, or will the series that started in 2002 with “a boy who had nothing and gains everything” ends with “a boy who had everything and left with nothing”?


Boruto Uzumaki Credit: Studio Pierrot

I’m kind of a sucker for tragic stories. But also, I love how the writers are trying to give Boruto a separate storyline from his father. If they made Boruto exactly like Naruto, then it would have been really boring.

In the beginning, for sure, they started with mulching off money from the original Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series. But with time, I can see Boruto developing into a show of its own type. While these are mere speculations, let’s see what’s going on in the series right now.

Boruto: Naruto next generations episode 269 recap

This Boruto: Naruto next-generation episode starts with the academy children visiting their teacher Hana at the hospital. Since Kawaki had failed to report an assassin, he is removed from the mission of protecting princess Kae, an exchange student at Konoha, from the land of Bamboo. Kawaki wanted Kae to attend a normal festival, but because of an unknown assassin in Konoha, she’s heavily guarded. Since Kawaki gets removed from the mission, the truth comes out.

Kae feels that Kawaki only became her friend to complete the mission and she feels betrayed. Himawari convinces Kawaki to keep protecting Kae even though Kawaki finds it really dangerous. They decide to rely on Eiki for intel. Then they try to look for evidence in Sōsha’s photos and find Batora, the personal guard of Kae, in them. Batora had said that he wouldn’t be attending the festival, but his being there made things suspicious.

Hana at the hospital. Boruto': Naruto next generations episode 269
Hana is at the hospital: Naruto Next Generations episode 269

Kawaki and Hima rush to Kae’s place only to find a knocked-out Konoha guard. They see Batora with a Kunai inside. The assassin had injured Batora. Kawaki then runs after the assassin and chases him. The assassin throws explosive tags and blows himself up, and by then, the police arrive.

Kawaki questions Batora why he was attending the festival when he claimed not to. To which Batora explains that he was trying to follow a shady figure there. After the pieces of evidence that Batora had collected, it is later revealed that the assassin had been arrested in the land of Bamboo, and it’s none other than the Minister and guardian of Kae’s younger stepbrother.

Episode 269
Kawaki, Eiki, and Himawari (Episode 269 Boruto: Naruto Next Generations) Credit: Studio Pierrot

Since Boruto: Naruto’s next generations is a more animé based story, we cannot conclude any spoilers right now. This is because the Boruto animé already has 250+ episodes, and the manga has only around 100 chapters.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 270 release date and time

The new episode of Boruto: Naruto’s next generations are going to release on Sunday, October 9th, 2022, and you can watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations on Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

It is expected to release around:

2 AM- Pacific daylight time

4 AM – Central daylight time

2.30 PM- Indian standard time

5 PM- Philippines Time



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