Beat Coin Episode 11 Release Date, Spoilers And Streaming Guide

Beat Coin Episode 11- What will happen next?

It is no wonder that Korean Shows are ruling all over the world these days. Beat Coin is one of these shows. In case you are a fan of Korean dramas, you must have heard about this show. It is gaining a lot of popularity these days. The 10 episodes of the show followed insane fun along with the host of the show and their guests.

This game show is based on the concept of chance and luck, as fate is, here, determined by tossing a coin. The stars compete with each other by playing different games, but a simple coin will decide their position.

The first 10 episodes of the show have been released, and the fans are loving it! The show successfully created a buzz among the audience, and the fans are giving all their love to this amazing show. The credit for this goes to the writers of the show for bringing out such an amazing storyline to the viewers.

Secondly, the cast of the show is amazing. Suga’s sense of humor never fails to make all the fans laugh, and Park Seo Joon is always fun to watch. Jeon So Mi is always loving to watch, and Kang Daniel and Lee Daa Hee give the audience much-needed spice to the show.

Beat Coin Episode 10 Recap

Beat Coin Episode 11
Beat Coin Episode 11

In the previous episode, which was released on 2nd October 2022, the audience realized that the game was not over yet. The night game of the HK Coins began when all the members of the team took their positions on the field. The game began fairly, but as the custom, the players soon began cheating to win the game. “Princess” Ha-Young comes to the field for a moment to judge the game. The fans of the show can clearly see her glimpse for a moment.

The midnight item was also opened up to viewers, which was an indication that they were participating in a soccer game but with full costumes and other important abilities. The MCs of the show are Park Seo Joon, BTS’s Suga, Jeon So Mi, Kang Daniel, and Lee Da Hee, and they were outstanding. The uniqueness of the show is that each and every episode of the show features a new game with different stages of difficulty.

Sometimes, the audience can also sense the tension in the environment as the stakes are too high, and the losing team will be given a punishment.

However, the games are also entertaining to watch as sometimes, and the games are often silly and very light-hearted.

Beat Coin Episode 11 Release Date And Preview

The first episode of the show was released on 31st July 2022. The last episode was fun to watch, and this is why fans are waiting eagerly for the next episode to release as soon as possible. Don’t worry, as the release date of the upcoming episode is already announced. Beat Coin Episode 11 will release on 9th October 2022.

The new episodes of the show are released weekly, every Sunday. So, don’t forget to miss this episode as it would be interesting to watch. The preview of this episode has already been released, where we can see the members playing the game and having a good time.

However, there is a sense of tension in the air as the stakes are very high. A simple toss of the coin will change everything and the lives of everyone. Who will be the winner in this episode? Tune in to find out the winner!

Where To Watch Beat Coin Episode 11

Beat Coin Episode 11- Who will win this episode?


Beat Coin is available to stream on KBS Channel. You can also take a look at the previous episodes of the show on the official YouTube channel of KBS Channel. With an average running time of 70 minutes, you can also check out the show on Kocowa TV if you are in North or South America. The first 10 episodes are already uploaded, so make sure to watch these previous episodes before catching the 11th episode this Sunday.

You should ass this amazing and unique show to your bing-watch list now. As of now, we will conclude our article on Beat Coin Epidoe 11 but don’t forget to take a look at the upcoming episode of the show. The trailer of the show looks promising, so it won’t disappoint you.

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