Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 Episode 7, Recap

Star Trek: Lower Decks


Recap of Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1 Episode 10, where Peanut Hamper declined the mission. Her perspective allows us to see the climax’s happenings. She gets left behind and is left floating in space with debris.


Redesigned opening titles to acknowledge Peanut Hamper’s extended stay in space. Peanut Hamper has gone completely Castaway after more than a hundred days.

She has made Sophie into a talking partner, and she spends her time ranting about how unfair her circumstances are. Her strategy is to start a nacelle so they may return to civilization. She declines to notify Starfleet of a distress call. When she finally succeeds in turning on the nacelle, a Drookmani scavenging ship arrives out of nowhere.

While she straps herself to the nacelle and takes off, she throws Sophie into the tractor beam to block the intake. She crashes and lands on a planet after the nacelle vessel malfunctions. She is in a cabin surrounded by bird people as she awakens. Kowtorus of Aerior, who intends to restore her to full functionality, welcomes her.

Sophie’s Welcome

When Kowtorus brings her into the neighborhood, it seems like everyone looks at her suspiciously. The others have never seen somebody from another planet, according to Kowtorus.

Peanut Hamper is underwhelmed when a youngster presents a gift to her, but she imitates a sweet to entice the child to depart. The people surrounding her are shocked by this. They demand that Peanut Hamper be taken apart.

She is defended by Kowtorus as a living thing deserving of respect. A voice in the audience raises doubts about a machine’s capacity for survival. Kowtorus presents his son Rowda. Rowda receives the assignment to assist Peanut Hamper with his relocation. Rowda reluctantly consents.

The lifestyle of the inhabitants of Aerior is quite simple. Peanut Hamper is contemplating whether moving to a Starfleet jail colony would be preferable to staying put because he is bored. She is picked up by Rowda to go to orientation. She is negative about every aspect of life on Aerior.

When Rowda’s name is suddenly shouted, he takes off for the village square where Kowtorus is lying injured after being bitten by a sky snake. The populace is ready for his demise, but Peanut Hamper kills him with an anti-venom.

The populace is won over and applauds Peanut Hamper.

Among the bird people, Peanut Hamper establishes a daily pattern and discovers meaning in life. Rowda takes her to the hut where his people’s eggs are incubating. Numerous chicks never leave their eggs. Peanut Hamper uses her radiation laser to simultaneously hatch all 36 eggs.


Rowda and Peanut Hamper

Rowda expresses his love for her while taking her on a flight above the earth.

They discuss their fears in private, and Peanut Hamper admits she envisions a future with Rowda. Their romance is finished. Somehow.

Rowda brings her to the caverns beneath their planet in their post-coital bliss and discloses that the Aerior were a species that traveled beyond space.

He reveals that they forbade technology because they believed it to be the source of their unhappiness, trapping their people in the primitive paradise they currently inhabit.

Peanut Hamper acknowledges that she made a mistake by deserting her Starfleet colleagues and now sees the worth in organic life as well.

More sex from Rowda makes her feel better. Maybe?

Time goes by. The union of Rowda and Peanut Hamper. In the middle of the ceremony, a Drookmani scavenger ship comes. A shuttle lands, and the Drookmani demand the ships in the deep tunnels.

The residents of Aerior are led in rebellion by Rowda. The Drookmani transport returns to their ship and starts excavating the caverns with their tractor beam, obliterating the land and the trees on which the village is situated.

Although Peanut Hamper insists she can save them, the Aeriors are in despair. She alerts the Cerritos by sending a distress signal. To find her, Freeman plots a course of action.

On the planet, Rowda and Kowtorus realize that in the event that assistance is delayed, someone needs to shut down the Drookmani ship. Peanut Hamper rises to the occasion and flies the shuttle to the ship in a retelling of the events of “No Small Parts.”

When the Cerritos show up, they are about to engage the Drookmani in the battle to defend the community when they notice Peanut Hamper’s shuttle.

She collides with the shuttle with the ship, overloads the engine, and then sets to work, crippling the vessel. The ship blows up, the tractor beams disengage, and Peanut Hamper escapes.

When Freeman and an outside team beam down, the wedding is about to continue.

The Aerior support Peanut Hamper, but Freeman objects that they witnessed the act of sacrifice and are only in the room to express their gratitude.

Peanut Hamper informs Rowda that she feels the urge to recommit her life to Starfleet and attributes her attitude adjustment to her experience aboard the Aerior.

Rowda offers to go on the ship with her and be close to her. He continues despite Peanut Hamper’s objections. Ransom sends word that the Drookmani have boarded the Aerior ship and that it is already sailing. They assault the community. Ransom establishes a connection for the captain to hear as they prepare to attack the Cerritos.

Drookmani’s justification. They assert that they received an invitation to board the ships from the Aerior settlement. They play the invitation from Peanut Hamper on tape. When confronted with the proof, she acknowledges that she invited them to create a pretext for Starfleet to accept her back. Rowda is devastated.

Tendi points out that Peanut Hamper’s ability to board the aircraft carrier that the Drookmani have boarded could actually save the day. Despite Freeman’s requests, Peanut Hamper refuses. The Drookmani are still attacking the Cerritos from orbit. The situation seems hopeless as their shields are only at 15%.

Kowtorus, a native of the planet, maneuvers the Starfleet officers out of the path of a falling tree only to be struck by it and killed. He offers his forefather’s prayers as

From the caverns, another Aerior ship appears. It is being piloted by Rowda, who uses it to engage the Drookmani. He destroys them.

Kowtorus and Rowda both tell Peanut Hamper to leave when she tries to win their favor again. She is not allowed back on Freeman’s ship. Threatening to contact the Borg and bring them to Aeriolus, Peanut Hamper. She is restrained by Shaxs and placed in the Self-Aware Megalomaniacal Computer Storage under lockdown. When she meets Agimus, they both chuckle. She becomes enraged when the other self-aware, megalomaniacal computer joins in.