SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 4: Release Date, Recap & Watching Guide

Benjamin Cavell created the American military action suspense TV show SEAL Team for CBS. CBS Studios is in charge of production, with Cavell serving as showrunner. Max Thieriot, David Boreanaz, Jessica Paré, A. J. Buckley, Neil Brown Jr., Toni Trucks, and Judd Lormand joined the series’ main cast as the season progressed. The show debuted on 27th September 2017.

SEAL Team has aired 97 episodes as of 2nd October 2022 and is presently in its sixth season. The tv show was renewed for a fifth time by Paramount+ on 1st February 2022, with the premiere date set for 18th September 2022.

Season 6 Episode 3: Growing Pains – A Recap

Bravo could have continued operations without Clay (Max Thieriot) even if he hadn’t undergone that traumatic injury and lost a leg as a result of his scheme to back away. Still, in the recent SEAL Team, Jason (David Boreanaz) is dissatisfied with his department’s newest addition. The excellent thing is that Bravo has not been taken out of service.

The unfortunate thing (at least according to Jason) is that Clay’s substitute is part of the team, and Omar (Raffi Barsoumian) is viewed as a fixed addition to Bravo. To assume he doesn’t even get off on the right foot with them would be an understatement. He irritates Sonny (AJ Buckley). Jason is concerned that Omar will notice symptoms of his TBI and treatment options, as well as Ray’s (Neil Brown Jr.) PTS.

Bravo launched an objective to Syria to track down an IP address linked to the strike on the USS Crampton. Once inside, Jason is hesitant to use Omar’s connections because he does not want to give the new fella too much power. However, Ray claims that if he’d been asked who from Foxtrot he wanted to bring with them, he would have chosen Omar.

Jason ultimately agrees to speak with Omar’s connections, and Bravo ends up assisting at a jail cell where prisoners have rioted in the hopes of gathering intelligence on the terrorist outfit they’re after simultaneously. After that, Omar inquires Ray about Jason’s anti-social inclinations, and all the other man has to say is that he’ll loosen up to him.

Omar recognizes Ray as a peacekeeper and confesses that his old team could have benefited from one. He then walks over to Jason and mentions that he has always heard Bravo is only for one man, the iconic Jason Hayes. And? “You might be surprised to learn that Captain America relies on the other Avengers,” Omar says.

And he stays on Jason’s bad books when Omar’s group contacts are attacked, and the commanding officer cautions Jason that their adversaries are now Bravo’s. According to Jason, Omar set his sights on them.

In the meantime, Clay is only three months away from becoming the Green Team’s inspector, and Blackburn (Judd Lormand) goes on to tell him that there is nobody else he would prefer to have in the role. Clay, on the other hand, desires to exert himself, whether it’s through PT or to try to fill his time; he implies to Stella (Alona Tal) that they reduce their son’s time in childcare, and he’ll spend some quality time with the kid.

Still, she wishes to continue with the schedule they’ll require for a few weeks at least. When his healthcare professional tells him to go back to the house, Clay wanders the base halls rather. Is it a surprising fact, then, that Clay goes back to Blackburn and informs him that he wants to instruct the Green Team presently? True, new lecturers usually begin with the latest batch, but he desires to be an exception so he can be useful.

Blackburn motivates him to take care of himself and to continue to heal, not just his leg but as a whole. But Clay’s goal isn’t just restricted to himself; it’s the Trident. That’s just what he needs to help him, and he vows he’s prepared. Blackburn takes a brief pause before inquiring about Monday.

Season 3 Episode 4 Air Date

Episode 4, titled Phantom patterns, will air on 9th October 2022. It is directed by David Borneaz and written by Kenny Sheard and Ariel Endacott. It can be watched on CBS or alternatively with a Paramount Plus or Voot subscription.