God Shave The Queens Season 2 Episode 12: Release Date And Streaming Guide

God Shave the Queens is a TV series in which gay men, lesbian women, and transgender people take part in the tour hosted by Raul. The show captures the finest moments of these people on this tour. Whether is it their on-stage performance or sharing backstage cozy and tense moments, the show will make sure you grab all the moments as much as possible.

This is a very hot Television program with a massive following. And the reason is very obvious for its hit success as they try to bring a lot of twists and an engaging plot. And after all the drama and twists the show brings to the audience it stays firm to its genuine and natural content.

All you need to know about the show, whether it is its release date, available streaming options, and a little bit about the show in case you want to get started.

When God Shave The Queens Season 2 Episode 12 Will Be Released?

The new season of God Shae the Queens started in late July 2022, with its 1st episode titled ‘Cherry Valentine’ and 2nd episode ‘Asttina Mandella’ released on 29th July 2022. The upcoming episode titled ‘Lawrence Chaney’ will going to be the last episode of season 2.

Episode 12 is scheduled for 7th October 2022, Friday. With its great choreography, you will be going to enjoy its every second. And because the show is Trending all the seats have been sold out. But do not worry as you can also enjoy the show from your home.

Where Can I Watch God Shave The Queens Season 2 Episode 12?

With its worldwide premier on WOW Present Plus and BBC iPlayer on September 10 and November 15 2020 respectively. You can enjoy the show from your seat at only $5, by purchasing a monthly membership of WOW Presents Plus. You can also purchase the yearly package of $50 which will save you a total of $10.

Along with God Shave the Queens you can also enjoy Muff Busters, Sketchy Queens, Tartan Around with Lawrence Chaney, and many more amazing TV shows that will not lose your attention even for a single second.

Besides WOW premium membership, the show is available for free on BBC iPlayer. But to avail of the free service, you need to require a TV license, after which you can enjoy other TV shows too.

With its massive following, it is inevitable that fans will go crazy. When season 2 was introduced. Fans just couldn’t resist anymore and because of this, all the tours were houseful. Breaking all the previous sales records.

What Is God Shave The Queens?

God Shave the Queens is a documentary series with a total number of 2 seasons, with its 2nd season ongoing. The show includes Drage Race UK participants Scaredy Kat, Vinegar Strokes, Crystal, Chery Hole, Divina de Campo, Sum Ting Wong, Gothy Kendoll, Blu Chipz alongside Vivienne. Where they all took part in a six-city tour of the United Kingdom.

In the show we see the competitors being choreographed by Alyssa Edwards. They also take part in unique and exciting events at every single city they tour. All the participants do not fail to excite us, with every performance being absolutely gorgeous.

But just because they seem to be having fun doesn’t mean they don’t have to follow a strict regime. As the viewership is increasing at a rapid scale. They also work hard and improve their performances. They follow a rigorous competitive format, which I can assure you is not at all relaxing. All the participants perform fantastic performances whether it is dancing or singing all being perfectly executed.

With 8 episodes in the first season, we can enjoy 4 extra episodes in 2nd season. So do not miss out on the final episode which is coming on 7th October.

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