Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 9: Preview, Spoilers & Release Date

Drag Race Philippines Untucked Episode 9 Spoilers
Drag Race Philippines Untucked Episode 9 Spoilers

Drag has now become a massive industry, breaking all gender and stereotypical norms, with queens from all continents showcasing their inner charm and talent to win the race. The latest in the Untucked edition is the Philippines, which comes with a lot of spice and sass. The series is a behind-the-scenes assortment of everything that goes down on the set of Drag Race Philippines, a Filipino version of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Drag Race Philippines Untucked Episode 9 Spoilers & Recap
Drag Race Philippines Untucked Episode 9 Spoilers & Recap

Drag Race Philippines was released to the public on 16th August 2022, premiering its first season. The Untucked version released BTS episodes with a gap of two days from the parent series’ episode, giving more insight into the tea and drama that went down in the series.

The contestants are Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers, Precious Pauls Nicole, Xilhouete, Minty Fresh, Bigiding, Viñas DeLuxe, Lady Morgana, Turing, Gigi Era, Corazon, and Prince.

The series is a complete amalgamation, ranging from the sister-ly moments between the queens, the staff, and more, to the overly competitive spirit that takes them down the road of intense arguments and altercations. The pressure to win the first crown as The Drag Race Phillipens Queen is no joke, and all twelve participants give their best to take it home.

The prizes are no joke, with the winning queen taking home an entire year’s worth of supply of ONE/SIZE Beauty Cosmetics by Paul Starrr, along with a million Pesos, equivalent to $16,975.05.

Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 8: Recap

Episode 8 of Untucked saw some pretty crazy twists and turns, along with deep emotional tête-à-tête. Eva Le Queen won the mini challenge and took home ₱20,000. Then the show proceeded to bring the family of the contestants into the mix, where the queens had to give them makeovers.

Drag Race Philippines episode 8 recap
Drag Race Philippines episode 8 Recap Twinning

This took an emotional turn, as seeing the family brought out a lot of sentiments. The set saw some dramatic exits, inspirational stories, and the drive that came from the family’s support. ‘Twinning’ was the runway theme, with Xilhoute nailing the challenge and winning the prize.

Brigiding, Minty Fresh, and Marina Summers found themselves in hot waters with negative critiques. Though Marina Summers got a safe, Minty Fresh and Brigiding took it to the Lip-Sync arena and gave it their all. However, Brigiding was eliminated, leaving us with our top 5 of the show.

Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 9: Release Date

The twelve queens dive deep into the whys and hows of every situation. Episode 9 of the series premiers on 7th October 2022. Catch the show on Crave, Wow Presents Plus, Discovery+, or HBO Go.

Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 9: Spoilers

The main challenge this week will be to put on a show and perform RuPaul’s iconic ‘Champion.’ Here is a sneak peek into the theme of this episode, “LED There Be Light.” To get more updates, go on to Drag Race Philippines’ official social media handles.

The pressure is on the top 5 to put their best foot forward as they progress toward the most crucial segment of the show. Minty Fresh, Xilhouete, Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers, and Precious Paula Nicole all have to be better than all their performances till now.

With such fierce competition, one can only expect the amount of backstage drama that will spill over in this week’s episode of Untucked.

Who are the Judges For This Episode?

The judging panel of this episode will also add to the flavor. With the crew of staple judges, Mamwa Pao, Jiggly Caliente, and KaladKaren, we also have the guest judge Boy Abunda. He is a well-known Television-host publicist, talent manager, and professor.

He is an openly gay TV personality and has inspired many via their political standpoints and the number of creative awards they have won. The alternating judge for this episode is Jon Santos.

Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 9: Where To Watch

Drag Race Phillippines Season 1: Untucked is available to watch on Crave in Canada, Wow Presents Plus in the Philippines, and Discover+ for any other region. The Drag Race Philippines releases every Wednesday at 4 AM PT or 7 AM ET. The spin-off premiers half an hour later, with all the details for which the fans were holding their breaths.

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