Walker Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date And Streaming Guide

Walker Season 3

An American action crime drama that kept the audience hooked on the show all over the world. The show is now back on the screens with its third season to ease the anxiety of fans to know what happens next. This crime thriller is a reboot of the “Walker, Texas Ranger,” which is a 1990s western drama television series.

It is no wonder that the CW Network found a hit show with Walker. With its first episode premiere on January 21, 2021, this show has proven to be a massive hit. The show follows the adventures of Cordell Walker, who is a father of two children with his own moral values and ethics.

He returns to his home after being undercover for two years and finds that there is a more lot to do at his home. He needs to reconnect with his son and teenage daughter while he also finds some common ground with his new partner. Meanwhile, he gets suspicious of his wife’s death.

The show features popular faces such as Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker, Lindsey Morgan as Micki Ramirez, Coby Bell, Mitch Pileggi, Molly Hagan, and many more. Meanwhile, Violet Brinson plays the role of Stella Walker, Keegan Allen as Liam Walker, and Odette Annable as Geri.

The guest stars who appeared on the show include Ricky Catter, Rebekah Graf, Karissa Lee Staples, Karina Dominguez, Chris Labadie, Andre Martin, Henderson Wade, Felix Alonzo, Matt Pascua, and others.

Walker Season 2 Recap

With a total of 20 episodes, season two of the show starts with Walker realizing that his life is in danger. Meanwhile, Capt. James told him the real reason Micki went undercover. The Davidsons return home. Walker is worried about Micki going too deep undercover and wants to keep a check on her; Capt. James and the district attorney work hard to close the case and, thus, bring Micky back to her home.

After coming back from her undercover mission, Micki and Trey decide to work on their relationship and see where it’s going, while Walker invites Gale Davidson to participate in the chili cook-off so that he can make some amends years after their families continue feuding. Finally, Walker tells his family about the surveillance camera in his home and decides to find out about the person watching them.

He partners with Denise for this, but Liam does not trust her or her husband, which irritates Walker. Micki is still on her desk duty and trying to work on her grief to return to the field while Trey goes for a fishing trip where he gets a lesson on love. Tensions continue between Walker and Liam while they are working on a case together. Micki decides to tell Trey about her past, and the couple questions their future together.

Walker and Liam are mature enough to put their differences aside and trust each other when Denise assigns them a case to work together. Bonham is seen to be dressed as Santa Clause. Things are pretty bad between Liam and Walker after Liam gets a false warrant regarding Dan Miller while Capt. James informs them about Serano’s lawyer’s plan. Further, he states that he is using Liam’s mistake as a way to get the criminals free. Capt. James is shot and is in very critical condition, while Walker is forced to take the role of interim captain.

Walker Season 2 Recap

Dans hears that Serano is out on bail and panics. He turns to Liam for help. Perez, an officer, mistakes Cordell for a suspect, while Trey decides to help Liam with one of his projects. Colten is not able to deal with his feelings for Stella. Liam shares an old land survey when Davidsons confronts him.

However, this can be proved to be a trouble for the Walker family. Cordell wants to share a piece of news with his family, while Bonham reveals one truth about himself while covering a truth about his past. Tensions between Walkers and Davidsons continued to arise and finally reached their maximum limit.

Walker and Cassie look for some clues which can help Bonham in his hour of need while Geri gives her hundred percent to protect the honor of Walkers. Cassie runs into a familiar face which turns out to be her past, while Colten tries a new approach with Stella. James and August get a new lesson on dealing with life’s frustrations, while Cordell asks for a favor from Geri. Stella evaluates her feelings for Colton and Todd again.

Walker Season 3 Overview

Walker Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date

The new season of the show is expected to start where it left us in the last season. In the last season, the audience comes to know about the shocking discovery of Cordell and James while Stella and August experience a traumatic afternoon. Stella and Colton decide a plan a family dinner for Walker and Davidson while Liam is trying hard to prove that the Davidsons were up to no help the day Cordell raced for the ranch.

Cassie takes an oath to learn the truth about the case his partner was the last working on. The season ends with Gale coming clean about his past to Geri while Trey considers Captain James’ offer. The show ended on a cliffhanger, and fans were left to wait for the next season. Season 3 will start with Graduation Day, and the Waker family will be hopeful about the future.

However, their hope will be ruined when Cordell goes missing. All the rangers decide to bring him back safely, but Stella seems to have her own plan to bring Cordell back. Cassie and James lead the charge to wind Walker. The situation gets worse when Liam also goes missing. August and Stella decide to lead the case.

Cordell tries to convenience everyone, including himself, that he has moved on from the hell of captivity while Stella confesses to her dad about her feelings. Meanwhile, Bonham decided to help Liam with his trauma.

Walker Season 3  Episode 1 Release Date and Preview

The immense success and popularity of the show forced the makers to renew the show for the third season in March 2022. The first episode of the new season is all set to release on October 6, 2022. Firstly, the episode is expected to last approximately 45 minutes, and the title of the episode is “World on a String.” It is penned by Seamus Kevin Fahey and Anna Fricke and directed by Steve Robin.

The series was, first, release on January 21, 2021. After that, it was renewed for s second season, which premiered on October 28, 2021. The third season of the show was renewed in March 2022. The show has won many awards so far and also has been nominated for many awards in various categories. It has also managed to earn good ratings on every platform so far. Fans love this show for its unexpected twists and turns.

Where to Watch Walker Season 3 Episode 1

Where to Watch Walker Season 3 Episode 1

The hit television show will premiere a fresh episode every Thursday on the CW Network. In case you want to watch the show, tune into The CW at 20:00 EST on October 6, 2022. If you missed any episode, you can watch it later on HBO Max, The CW Website, or also on its official app. Moreover, you can also rent or buy the episodes on Google Play, The Microsoft Store, and Amazon Direct Video.

Who does not like to watch action crime thrillers? If you are a fan of such TV shows, Walker should be on your bing-watching list. With this, we conclude our coverage for the first episode of the third season of Walker.

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