The Graham Norton Show Season 30 Episode 2: Release Date, Preview And Streaming Guide

In the first episode of Graham Norton Show, we saw the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis, Eric Idle, David Tennant, Lydia West, and Robbie Williams. In the episode, elite English actor Eric Idle a member of the comedy group Monty Python talked about his battle with pancreatic cancer and how he survived it.

Then the horror movie icon Jamie Lee Curtis revealed how she had to watch Halloween ends in an empty theater, so she did not pirate her movie. She was assigned a guard at the back of the theater.

David Tennant talked about how he and his father never swore except when they had to read the script. Lydia West, an English actress who starred in the drama It’s a Sin, talked about her new BBC drama thriller Inside Man. And last but not least, Robbie Williams shares his personal life and performs his current single, Lost. Magnificent performance by the youngest member of the Take, That group.

The Graham Norton Show Season 30 Episode 2 Spoilers

Who Is Invited To The 2nd Episode?

Well, just like the 1st episode, we expect only the best in the fields in the 2nd episode. They are Hugh Bonneville, a famous English actor known for his fabulous portrayal of Robert Crawley in Downton Abbey, a hit historical drama series. He also won an award for his outstanding performance in the Drama Series.

Lesley Manville, an English actress, was nominated for Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. She had appeared in Grown-Ups, High Hopes, Topsy-Turvy, Another Year, Mr. Turner, and many more.

Next is the English Actress Lashana Lynch who played Captain Marvel in Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness. She also starred in the warrior-women blockbuster The Woman King.

Big Zuu will also be joining. His official name is Zuhair Hassan, a 27-year-old British rapper, Dj, and songwriter. He gets his fame from Big Zuss’s Big Eats for Dave.

And the fifth guest is Sam Ryder, a British Singer-songwriter. He will be performing his new single, Somebody. Same rose to his fame mainly because of TikTok.

After her interview on the Show, one of the fans wrote on Twitter, “If people won’t accept fascism is alive and well within the RW movement, they do so at their peril!”

There were diverse sentiments among the audience, some were calling her the Queen, but others were calling her disgusting. Well, it is understandable that there are some people who will not always take your humor as enjoyingly as your fans.


The Graham Norton Show Season 30 Episode 2 Release Date

2nd Episode of Graham Norton Show will release on Friday, 7th October at 10:40 pm according to the UK time zone.

You can stream the Show in Lionsgate Play and JustWatch. And to enjoy the highlights, you can also watch Graham Norton Show on Youtube. He uploads daily highlights of his past episodes, special moments with the guests, and also Youtube Shorts.


About The Host

Graham William Walker is the host of The Graham Norton Show. He was born in 1963 in West Cork. He enjoys  5 awards for his Show. The 59-year-old is an Irish actor, author, comedian, and presenter. On 22nd February 2007, on BBC one ‘The Graham Norton Show premiered with Graham Norton as the main cast. Currently, Graham is hosting the 30th season of the Show.

About The Show

The Graham Norton Show is a comedy chat show directed by Steve Smith and Graham Norton as the presenter. The Show is based in the United Kingdom. The Show was released on 22nd February 200t on the original network BBC Two from 2007 to 2009 and then on BBC One from 2009 until the present. The Show involves a lot of adult humor and the famous “Red Couch”.

In every episode, we see multiple celebrities opening up about their personal and professional lives. This is why the audience really enjoys this Show, as they are able to understand their favorite star. They can see just like them, and they also face challenges in their lives.

Episode 1 was full of entertainment and humor. And as we knew the episode cast already, humor and entertainment is waiting for us. With Graham Norton as the host, we can only expect entertaining episodes every week.

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