Ready To Love Season 7 Episode 11: Release Date, Preview And Streaming Guide

In the 10th episode of Ready To Love Season 7, Brandi was first matched up with Mike for the date. On the table, while seeing each other eye to eye, Brandi was looking very confident about the date. But surprisingly, only after 2 questions did Mike turn her off. I can tell you she was not at all pleased.

Then it was Kayla’s turn, it didn’t seem she knew more than Brandi, and it was looking like she was just wasting her own time. But to everyone’s surprise, she impressed Mike and received the green signal.

Then the scene shifts to Randall and Tanika. Both shared a cozy conversation. But knowing Randall had already got three women interested in him, he was more like a playboy. It was really surprising to see Randall’s attitude toward Tranika when compared to a few weeks back when she was in the hot seat. And now, when she is on the verge of getting sent home, he is playing hard to get the boy.

Early it looks like Tranika is building a strong connection with Randal, but soon she realizes that she will only get disappointment.

When Kayla matched up with Samson, her total personality was like a side character. She was digging a hole. And when it was Shareese turn, she was really looking optimistic. She was trying her best to connect more deeply with Samson.

But in contrast, Samson didn’t seem like he wanted to build any relationship with her. He was not giving her more time to build a deeper relationship.

And at last, we saw Tranika’s elimination, which was a total shock as we could actually see that she was taking a lot of interest in understanding Randall. But again, the lever was on Randall’s hands, and he didn’t like her clearly.

On the other hand, Kayla stayed, as she was able to build a connection with both Mike and Randall. But soon, we notice that Mike is becoming insecure about Kayla being chosen by two men. And he felt like he doesn’t have any chance against Randall.

Ready To Love Season 7 Episode 11 Spoilers

So, in the 11th episode, the men will be set up by the woman for the dates, where they will introduce their parents to them. After this, both Mike and Randall will have a deep conversation with Kayla’s parents, where they will be interrogated thoroughly to check which one is a better person.

We will also see the early relationship between Kadian and Swasey comes to an end. They were finding it hard to link up their relationship goals. But as we already know how things can turn upside down in a matter of minutes. No one can actually guess who will end up in the relationship with whom.

Ready To Love Season 7 Episode 11 Release Date

The show will be released on 7th October 2022. You can enjoy the show on The Oprah Winfrey Network, aka OWN.

About The Show

Ready to Love is a dating show from Will Packer Media and Lighthearted Entertainment. This show involves real-life dating interactions between black men and women aged around 30 and 40. They take part in this show to find their true Love, which will last for their whole life. They are looking for a genuine connection they can build in the show. They want a partner they can trust completely.

The show is hosted by Thomas, and he enjoys his role in presenting challenging situations the pairs had to overcome. He really tenses up the situations with random uncomfortable questions, which the participants find hard to answer.

Do not miss the upcoming episode, as it is going to determine the couple who will grab the Hot Seat. After meeting up with the girl’s parents, it will be interesting to see which male is going to impress them. It is very likely the parents will avoid playboys like Randall. But will he be able to win the parent’s hearts? Well, it will only be revealed on the 11th episode.


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