Gibi Season 3 Episode 1, Date Release & Preview

Gibi Season 3 is due out tomorrow, that is 7th of October. So what is it about? Ilkkan and Yilmaz are childhood friends who are constantly arguing among themselves. His most distinguishing feature is his ability to accomplish a task that will turn their regular lives upturned.

They develop relatively small events with extraordinary talent, trying to bring them to the point where they will result in hair. They are the personification of our daily miseries, peculiar events, and desperation. Prepare for Yilmaz and Ilkkan’s adventure, narrated in 12 different stories.

As of Now –

Gibi season 1 starts with the premise of the moral dilemma of opening a Kokorec shop. Both Ilkkan and Yilmaz consider the repercussions – with one side being that no one has to trade if they do not want to. A person does not have to feel obliged, and there can’t be such an obligation on a person at all.

Kivanç Kilinç

It subsequently moves on to focus on a debate – the origin of which is a movie from the 80s. The debate is about the current fashion debate crisis. Yilmaz, in this episode, feels obligated to back up his own opinion in a series of perfectly comedic timed one-liners.

The backstory of Abidin is first revealed, following which Abidin confronts his family, and some ugly truths rear their heads. In the next episode, Ersoy and his family find themselves in an unfortunate situation, and his grandmother ends up dying. Yilmaz and Ilkkan, along with the rest of the friend group, lend their support to the family during this difficult time to support them emotionally.

Yilmaz then finds himself in a seemingly dangerous situation. An old and wise man rescues him in time, while later, Yilmaz comes to the realization that he could stand to learn a lot from his savior.

An outside dark force threatens to tear apart the neighborhood. Ilkkana and Yilmaz seemingly take the initiative in this wake and attend the apartment management meeting to cull the danger.

At a pivotal turning point in the first season, Ilkkan’s grandmother suddenly passes away. This gives rise to a lot of questions, and a veil of secrecy surrounds his family during this time. Ilkkan has a lot of questions, and he makes a decision to find out who he really is.

In a more light-hearted turn, in eight-episode, Ilkkan and Yilmaz, in a futile attempt, try and paint the walls of their house. A decision that they end up regretting. In Ayirtma Yenilemesi, Ilkkan stands sot loses his girlfriend, and he clutches at straws and tries to do everything to avoid losing her.

Following this, they end up owing a lot of money to a very interesting family. Yilmaz tries to help other people in a way only he can in the penultimate episode.

Feyyaz Yigit

Lastly, a small Central Asian tribe comes across a creature of the jungle they’ve never seen before. Only their leader or Hakan can lead them to true salvation.

Season 2 premiered earlier this year and continued in the same strain. It has 10 episodes, unlike the earlier 12. It ends with Vita Brevis, where a Senator of the earlier Roman Empire while witnessing a public execution unwittingly, comes across a new method of execution.

Cast and Details –

Director Omer Sinir’s masterpiece, Ilkkan, is played by Kivanç Kilinç, while Yilmaz is played by Feyyaz Yigit. Yigit is also known for other shows such as Mortal World (2018), Ornament of Murder (2019), and Sabit Kanca (2013). Kilinc has starred in shows such as Magnificient Century (2011-2014) and Love is in the Air (2010-2013).

Other actors include Mukadder Emirosmanoglu, Arzu Oruc, Necat Bayar, Huseyin Baylan, Volkan Aktan, Kerem Akti, Firat Sahin, Burak Gunes, Ceyhun Yagmurlar, Kivanc Kilinc, Ferda Isil, Erdal Parmaksizoglu, Musa Has and Mehmet Kacira amongst others.

Feyyaz Yigit also features as a writer on the show along with Aziz Kedi. It is produced by Baris Ayaztas.

Gibi Season 3, Episode 1, will air on 7th October 2022. It airs on Exxen, a Turkish TV channel, at 5 p.m EDT. Unfortunately, there are no streaming providers for this show in India yet.