60 Days In Season 7 Episode 8: Release Date, Preview, And Watching Guide

In the previous episode of 60 Days In, we saw that Rose was suffering from back pain. And she was suffering from a lot of pain in her kidneys while urinating. Because of the irresistible pain, she had to give a distress signal. After which, she was called up by the producer.

The producer asked her, “Rose, your health is the most important thing. So, do you want to leave the program?” after pausing for a few seconds, she replied, “No, I don’t. I’m almost done.” She told the producer that she had to stay firm and understood how brutal American jail could be. And it is really important for her to keep fighting.

While Rose is suffering from pain, on the other side of the women’s pod, Trinity suspects Sarah and Tiffiany as the undercover cop because they are acting the most weirdly. While talking with one of the inmates, she was asked whether she has served more than 60 days in jail because of the way she looks. Later Trinity told the producer that she found the statement very offensive but chose to ignore it.

What happened in the men’s pod?

We saw that Rain was asked to leave by Carlos. In Rain’s defense, he denies it and warns him that he doesn’t care who he is. He will fight anyone who comes in his way. And then Nick stepped in and again told Rain to leave. But Rain refused. He is not going anywhere. So, Nick started choking him.

As the situation got tenser, officers had to show up and stop them. Both of them were handcuffed and taken to a different room. After a few minutes, an officer came and asked the inmates to provide a statement as a witness. Carlos volunteered because he wanted to defend Nick, who was taken by the Police. He wanted to tell the right thing.

Because of Carlos’s intervention, among the inmates, Kimchi and Philip started to suspect that he was the ‘Police.’ Philip said that the way Carlos is behaving, he looks the most like the Police. When there are cameras at every angle, why would you help the Police? Let the Police figure out the culprit on their own.

Kimchi was really disgusted by Carlos because of snitching to the Police. Kimchi was also against helping the Police and started suspecting Carlos as the undercover cop. After a few minutes, Nick was released.



After searching for an hour, Carlos finally found a potential weapon. Which was a loose metal handle sticking out of a handicapped chair. After a struggle, he managed to pull it out. And in the process, he made a loud noise. He thought that everyone would know it, but to his surprise, no one reacted. So he hid the weapon inside his sock and went to his cell.

Why Carlos enrages?

Because of his earlier intervention related to Nick and Rain’s brawl, many inmates started calling him the ‘Police.’ Which enrages him. He shouted and made clear to everyone that he was a convict, too, like anyone else here. And if you try to mess with him, he is ready to take on anyone.

60 Days In Season 7 Episode 8 Spoilers

Episode 8 will feature an entry of a new inmate. It will be interesting to watch how this new inmate changes the course and how it will affect other prisoners.

Just like other inmates, some of the audience is also getting irritated with Carlos’s intervention. He is trying to be the leader, and it will be interesting to see how the entry of the new inmate changes Carlos’s role.

6o Days In Season 7 Episode 8 Release Date

Episode 8 of 60 Days In Season 7 will be aired on Thursday, 6th October at 10 pm. The Show will be streaming on Tubi, A&E, Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Prime, and Itunes. Out of these, Tubi provides 1 season for free, whereas A&E and Hulu are subscription based. You can also rent it by paying $1.99 for SD and $2.99 for HD to Google Play, VUDU, Amazon Prime, and Itunes.

With all of the tension brewing in the pods, there is an undercover cop among them. Or is the new inmate an undercover cop? Well, it is very clear that many eyes will be on new inmates’ every action. In both the pod, a lot of suspicions are circling around. It is only a matter of time whether the undercover cop makes a mistake or fools everyone.

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