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Richard Simmons’ Net Worth And Much More

Richard Simmons is a famous household personality, best known for his aerobics videos and flamboyant personality. To be precise, he is a semi-retired American fitness personality and also an actor. However, he retired from his public life in 2014 and has been keeping a low profile ever since. He built a fitness studio and became popular, which led him to gain a huge net worth. Keep reading the article to know Richard Simmons’ net worth and much more about his life.

Richard Simmons

Richard was born Milton Teagle Richard Simmons on 12 July 1948 in New Orleans and was raised in the French Quarter of New Orleans, which also might be why he is the way he is. He began his career in the 1970s and slowly developed an interest in fitness. He then started his studio and trained overweight men and women. Gradually, fame came to him, earning him a good amount of money.

Richard Simmons’ Net Worth

To know about Richard Simmons’ net worth, let us first read about his life and how he started his career as a fitness guru. He was a toddler when he started overeating; at four, he was overweight. As a student at Brother Martin High School, he weighed 182 pounds, and by the time he graduated from college, he had gained 86 pounds reaching his heaviest of 268 pounds.

After moving to L.A., Simmons lost 123 pounds by exercising and choosing healthy eating options. This was when he opened his studio, which paid attention to healthy eating, controlling portions, and building a supportive environment where exercise was enjoyable. He has a particular clothing style, including bright-colored striped dolphin shorts and tank tops decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Richard Simmon’s Career

Simmons taught aerobics and motivational classes in his studio, which was located in Beverly Hills. His short segment in the Program Real People was filmed at his gym, where he introduced people he helped lose weight. He eventually became popular by appearing on many game shows like Match Game, Price Is Right, and Hollywood Squares, leading him to play a part in General Hospital for four years.

The fitness guru

There were talks about him from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. He also hosts TV shows like Slim Cookin’ and The Richard Simmons Show ( Emmy Award-winning talk show). Not only this, he was featured as himself on shows including “Saturday Night Live” and “The Larry Sanders Show” and was the host of a radio show for two years till 2008. Simmons claimed that in 35 years of his experience as a trainer, he has helped humanity lose almost 12 million pounds.

Disappearance From Public Eye

Richard made his last public appearance in early 2014, and after that, there were many rumors about him disappearing. In 2016, the gossip was that he was held hostage by his housekeeper, but Simmons shunned this in an audio interview. The same year in November, his gym closed down without any notice. Next year a podcast was launched to explore the reasons for his sudden disappearance.

A test was run in 2017 to check if he was fine, and the answer was yes. Richard also posted a picture of himself on Facebook with the caption, “I’m not ‘missing,’ just a little under the weather.” In other instances, Richard and his publicist consistently said there was no reason to worry about his disappearance; he was choosing a simple lifestyle. He also released a calendar in 2019 reassuring that he is not missing entirely.

Net Worth of Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons’ net worth is $20 million. He has a mansion in Hollywood hills built in 1973 in colonial style. When he purchased the property, it cost $670,000; today, it is approximately $6-8 million. The house has two stories, four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a pool in the backyard.

Richard Simmons Net worth

Richard has always been known for his energetic and kind behavior. Throughout his career, he has made people feel comfortable and motivated them to lose weight which also helped him succeed.

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