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What Is Boobie Bar And Its Net Worth

Well, there is a new product on the market which is helpful for many new mothers who face problems with lactating. As the name suggests, it is a bar that helps in increasing milk production in breasts. But wait, when did this product come into existence? Who created it? What was the idea behind it? And most importantly, what is its net worth? This article contains answers to all these questions, so keep reading it till the end.

Boobie Bars are the bars that provide moms with a daily dose of milk-boosting herbs in one bar only. It has eased the work for many new mothers facing the problem of feeding their babies. Not only this, now these ladies don’t have to visit doctors, take medicines, or anything else; all they need to do is just grab a bar, and they are easy to go.  But who came up with the idea of this great invention?

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Boobie Bar

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What Is Boobie Bar?

The answer to the above question is Wendy Colson, who is a Registered Nurse (RN) and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in a women’s hospital in San Diego. This woman has an experience of 8 years as an IBCLC and has helped many babies and their mothers when they were hospitalized. She also has a breastfeeding support group, Milk and Cookies, located in Carlsbad, California.

Wendy noticed that many women in her support group were facing problems in breastfeeding, so she came up with a solution. She started baking nutritious bars which contained a blend of lactation-supporting herbs such as moringa and fenugreek. As the demand for this product started increasing, she began selling it. It became a huge success and had a 94% reorder rate. Colson is also a mother to 3 girls and has a private practice, Latching with Love in San Diego, where she helps new mothers with lactation.

Boobie Bar And Shark Tank

Initially, Wendy had rejected the idea of selling the bar in a larger market, but after her parents passed away, she decided to invest the $50,000 they had left for her. This turned out to be a great decision for Boobie Bars. In January 2018, Colson went to Shark Tank, where she pitched this product to the Sharks. She sought investment of  $150,000 for a stake of 10% of Boobie Bar under the brand Boobie Brand. Her product was on the hot selling products list and was found in the aisles of Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

Wendy Colson Pitching
Boobie Bar

The sharks were a little impressed by the idea, and Mark Cuban said, “I am out,” at the beginning of the pitch. However, the other sharks tasted the bar and liked it. Kevin gave her an offer of $150,000 with 20% equity which she rejected, and then, at last, Daymond made the same offer with one condition that she had to be the face of the brand. The nurse accepted the offer without any second thoughts.

Net Worth Of Boobie Bar

After shark tank, the already growing sales of boobie bars spiked and it reached a huge audience. The bar was sold in a pack of six at a decent price which also helped in the sales as most of the women could afford it. But as the reach was growing, boobie bar started facing competition. However, nothing could beat the original. Today, the net worth of these bars was estimated to be $1 million in 2017, according to Forbes, and currently, it is $2.6 million.

Boobie Bar Net Worth
Boobie Bar

Boobie Brand has not only produced Boobie bars, it has come up with a wide range of products like Boobie Body which is a series of protein shakes, Boobie bears, and Boobie bark. Apart from this, the boobie bar is also available in different flavors like oatmeal choco-chip, blueberry muffin, and peanut butter.

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