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Why Did Ian Paget Split Up With His Boyfriend?

Why Did Ian Paget Split Up With His Boyfriend? Is The Actor Dating Someone New?

Being in a relationship is itself a huge deal, being in a public one where there are eyes all over your activities is an added burden. This is also a reason why many celebrity couples break up. But what was the reason for Ian Paget and his boyfriend’s breakup? Was it the same as this one, or it was different? Keep reading this article till the end to know more about the relationship and why Ian Paget split up with his boyfriend. 


Ian Paget is a 34-year-old British-American actor and content creator who has gained fame by making videos on social media platforms like Tiktok. He has worked as an actor in various movies like Mozart in Jungle, Rock of Ages, and One Life to Live. Apart from acting, Ian is also a professional dancer and has also performed on Broadway. He is known to date another actor, Chris Olsen, for two years, but the two broke up earlier this year. Scroll to know why.

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Why Did Ian And Chris Break Up?

Ian has a huge fan following, and his audience is always curious to know more about his personal life. One of the questions that cross their mind is why he and Chris broke up. But to understand this, we shall know about their dating phase. Paget and Olsen started dating in 2019 and, after a few months, announced their relationship to the fans. The two also had a youtube channel together called Chris Olsen and Ian, where they put up videos of themselves spending time together and also shared various up and downs that they faced in their relationship.

Ian Paget and Chris Olsen

The couple also made tiktoks which got them a large number of followers. However, after dating for two years, the two of them parted ways. This left the fans in great despair and worried. In January 2022, they shared a video on Youtube where they explained the reason for their breakup. The couple said that being in the spotlight and being considered “the perfect couple” affected their relationship and themselves badly. Chris said that they know no one put that pressure on them, but they felt it and decided to go on different paths. 

Is Ian Paget Dating Someone? 

In the youtube video, the actors also said that although they have broken up, they will continue to be best friends and love each other unconditionally. It has been a long time since they shared that video, and now the fans are wondering if Ian is dating anyone or not. As of now, Ian Paget is single and has diverted all his attention towards his career. There are no rumors about his new kinship, and neither he is being seen with someone suspicious.

Why Did Ian Paget Split Up With His Boyfriend? Is The Actor Dating Someone New?
Why Did Ian Paget Split Up With His Boyfriend? Is The Actor Dating Someone New?


Besides, Paget has always shared everything about his life with his audience, and there is no reason for him to keep his relationship secret. Not having someone else as a partner right now also doesn’t mean that he has not moved on from his last relationship. We are sure that whenever the actor decides to start a new dating phase, he will share it with his audience because both share a mutual love and concern for each other. 

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