Paige Drummond’s Boyfriend – Her Love Life and Dating

Paige Drummond is the second out of the four children of Ree and Ladd Drummond. Ree Drummond is a well-known blogger and author who showed love for her recently graduated daughter’s new boyfriend. We know that you must be eager to know who is the current love interest of Paige. Keep reading till the end to get your answers.

Paige Drummond

Paige Drummond was born in Oklahoma on October 31, 1999, to well-recognized parents Ree and Ladd Drummond. The couple has five children, two girls, and three boys. The eldest is Alex Drummond, who married her boyfriend, Mauricio Scott, last year. Paige’s three younger siblings are Bryce, Todd, and Jamar (foster son). Ree, as we know, is a celebrity chef and came to fame through her television show, The Pioneer Women; Ladd, on the other hand, is a cattle rancher. They have been married for 25 years and share a lovely bond. Now it’s time to know whether their second child has developed the same relationship with her present boyfriend.

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Paige Drummond’s Boyfriend

Before learning about Paige Drummond’s love life, we shall know who she is and what she is currently up to. Ree Drummond shared two great happenings this year about her daughter. One of them is her recent graduation. Paige has been homeschooled for her entire life. She attended the University of Arkansas and graduated this May. Paige is very close to her sister, Alex and the two share a commendable bond. Growing up together, they worked with their father on the ranch. The kids also helped their mother in her cooking show, and in 2020 when the pandemic hit, the sister duo helped their mother shoot as there were no cameras or crew.

Paige and Ree drummond

Alex and Paige are the biggest supporters and have always been by each other’s side. This was clear when we saw Paige as Alex’s maid of honor at her lavish wedding with Mauricio Scott. The sisters also leave interesting comments on each other’s Instagram handles. Paige is now following her sister’s steps, has moved to Dallas, and is living with her and her husband. She enjoys working at the ranch and has shared some lovely photographs on Instagram.

Mitchell Adams Is Paige’s Boyfriend

Ree and her daughters are very consistent on Instagram and love sharing the details of their personal life with their fans. Although it is unclear when Paige and Adams started dating, she posted his picture on her Instagram last year in September. Adams is also a student at the University of Arkansas; the two of them went to senior prom together; therefore, we can think that he also graduated with Paige this year. They also celebrated easter together, as shared by Paige on her Instagram.

Paige Drummond and Mitchell Adams

Ree shared a picture of herself in the middle of her daughter and Mitchell and wrote the caption, “Paige has a new haircut and a new boyfriend. Okay. Bye.” This was a clear signal to the fans that the two were dating. The couple were also together on New Year’s Eve and welcomed the year joyfully. They also went on a trip to New Orleans together, where Adams was holding Paige, and she was smiling at him.

Ree And Her Daughters’ Relationships

The mother is very fond of her children and has been sharing the details from minute to the largest on her Instagram page. She posted about Mauricio the same way she did about Mitchell. Some fans got confused as the two looked very similar and said he looked like Ree’s son-in-law. However, with Paige posting on her Instagram, it was evident that it wasn’t Alex’s husband.

Paige, Ree and Alex Drummond

The author prefers not to refer to her girls’ boyfriends as boyfriends. She introduced Mauricio in the same way and referred to him as Alex’s friend until the two got engaged. She did it the same way with Paige and Mitchell. She took to Instagram and explained why she did so. We are excited to see how things go with the cute couple and are waiting for more good news from the Drummond family.

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