LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball

Who Is LaMelo Ball Dating?

The 21-year-old NBA player has broken the hearts of his female fandom as he is now known to be dating someone. We know you must be very excited to know who the lucky girl is and when did the two of them start dating? There must be many questions around the topic, who is LaMelo Ball dating? Stick to the end of the article to get answers to your questions.

LaMelo Ball was born in California in August 2001. He is famous for being a part of the  Facebook Watch reality show “Ball in the Family.” He has been playing basketball from his early school life and has made a name for himself through the sport. He has earned various titles and won many championships. Now that he is a handsome young man, LaMelo Ball’s dating life has also become a topic of interest for many of his fans. Scroll till the end to know who LaMelo Ball is dating. 

Lamelo ball dating
LaMelo Ball

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LaMelo Ball’s Dating Life

To know who Ball is dating, we first need to learn more about his personal and professional life. LaMelo Ball’s full name is LaMelo LaFrance Ball. The player has both natural talent because his parents were Basketball players in their college life and the skill set required for the sport. He started playing at the young age of 4 with his brother and started training. As a Freshman, he scored 27 points in his first game, and this led him to win the State Championship and achieve national success. In 2020 he signed a contract with Charlotte Hornets.

LaMelo Ball Basketball
LaMelo Ball

Coming to the personal life of LaMelo, his parents were also basketball players and coaches. There is not much about his dating life, but it is very evident that LaMelo is dating someone and is off the market. He and his girlfriend are often found engaging on each other’s Instagram handles.

Who is LaMelo’s Girlfriend?

LaMelo Ball is dating Ana Montana, aka Analicia Chaves, who is a very famous model and the brand ambassador of the famous clothing brand, FashionNova. She has also featured in the rap song Dope. The model has 2.4 million followers on Instagram. She is 33 years old and is popular for her perfect body and curves. It is not clear how the two love birds met, but we can find them exchanging comments on their Instagram profiles.

Their love story is a little controversial as there is an age gap of more than 10 years between the two. There was another story that LaMelo has been dating two women at the same time, but his choice seems pretty clear now. 

LaMelo Ball And Ana Montana’s Dating Life

It is not very clear when LaMelo and Ana started dating, but the saga of putting comments on their social media profiles was visible from February 2022 when he posted her picture on Twitter where she was wearing a hoodie and LaMelo Ball shoes. The point guard commented “Her” with two emojis, to which she replied with “yours.” It was an indication of a fueling romance. After this, the couple couldn’t keep quiet about their relationship and regularly comment on and post each other on their handles.

Who Is LaMelo Ball Dating
Who Is LaMelo Ball Dating?

Although they haven’t talked about their relationship in public yet, their love is all in the air. Fans, including us, are waiting for the couple to announce their relationship so that there is not even the slightest doubt about who is LaMelo Ball dating.

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