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Lee Jong-Suk: Net Worth Of 3rd Richest Korean Actor

You might not be astonished that today, Korean dramas retain massive popularity among millennials and Gen Z. Nowadays, Korean dramas, or K-Drama, are gaining several fans. Moreover, you haven’t seen any Korean movies. Yet, our suggestion would be to try them at least once, and undoubtedly you will become addicted to the fascinating world of the Korean industry. And you surely do not deny that the Korean movies and series are like mouth-watery cuisine that you gradually fall in love with and not even forget taste for days. Moreover, the question is why the Korean film industry is making huge among all the film industry. Yeah, we have read your lips; the primary reason is every movie’s unmatched and unique plot and a vibrant and stunning cast. And each character of the K-drama has the caliber to make you attached to the film.

Moreover, Korean movie details the emotions that make the world realistic in their stories. Now, we are done with the Why question, but one more question sure hit your mind who is the highest paid and known Korean actor? Well, if you die a genuine fan of K- drama, you are undoubtedly aware of this name called Lee Jong-suk. Lee is the third richest and highest-paid actor in the Korean film industry. Before heading to how big this stunning man makes, let’s have a crisp understanding of Lee Jong-suk.

Who is Lee Jong-Suk?

If you are a genuine follower of K-drama, you must have searched for this charming personality. Lee Junk-suk is a South Korean actor born on September 14, 1989, in Yongin, Gyeonggi, South Korea. He is a phenomenal actor and model, and he debuted as a runway model in 2005 and became the youngest male model participating in Seoul Fashion Week. Aftermath, he appeared in the movies such as School 2013, I Can Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger, Pinocchio, W, While You Were Sleeping, The Hymn of Death, and Romance Is a Bonus Book. For all these movies, he gained massive popularity worldwide.

Lee jong-suk net worth

Lee real estate

Lee is the third wealthiest K-drama actor in the world. And he is making the majestic castle from that wealth. Last year, Lee sold his property and accepted the price of $1.86 million. Moreover, in 2015, he purchased a luxurious villa in Hannam-dong, and the estimated worth of this beauteous villa is $3.9 million. The estate stretched in an area of 244.33 square meters. Apart from this, one of his real estate worth is $5.62 million.

How Much did Lee Make From His Movies?

The phenomenal Korean actor Lee won your heart with his outstanding performances, and you will be amazed by the charge Lee per episode of a series. You have witnessed Lee in Doctor Stranger, Pinnochio, and While You Were Sleeping, but you did not know that Lee charges $50,000 per episode.

Lee jong-suk net worth and earning

Lee net worth

The 32 years old charming personality Lee’s estimated net worth is $50 million. And in the year ahead, he will make double this number. And don’t watch all these movies of Lee.

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