Liam Gallagher

5 Popular Songs Of Liam Gallagher

William John Paul Gallagher. Liam Gallagher is an English songwriter and singer who is professionally known by his stage name. He started his career with a part-time job as a songwriter in the Oasis band from 1991 to 2009. He later joined the band “Beady Eye” in 2009 and called it quits in the year 2014 so that he could make his solo career. In this article, we will list Liam Gallagher’s popular songs.

Liam Gallagher began his solo career in the year 2017. He released his debut album, “As You Were,” which was very successful. He then released his second album, “Why Me? Why Not,” which received many positive reviews and peaked on the US Charts. He has been recognized as the greatest frontman by Q Magazine. In the year 2019, he was awarded the MTV Europe Music Award for the category in “Rock Icon.”

Here are the 5 Popular Songs Of Liam Gallagher

5. “One Of Us.”

Starting with the list of popular songs by Liam Gallagher, we have “One Of Us.” This song has a fresh vibe. The music video of this song is also top-notch. This song has its aura, which forces you to listen to it on loop. There is some authenticity in this song.

4. “Chinatown”

Liam Gallagher’s decision to make his solo career is the best decision ever. You can never know what you can do if you won’t stand on your own feet. “Chinatown” is wonderful in its way. Everything about this song is just magical. You will never get tired of this song. Every time you will feel some different emotions after listening to “Chinatown.” The lyrics are fabulous. The music is dreamy. This song is a whole package.

3. “For What Its Worth”

This is the third single song of the debut album “As You Were.” You will get lost in the lyrics of this song. “For What Its Worth” has something to do with an introspective look. You will see your life differently after listening to this song.

2. “Wall Of Glass”

Liam Gallagher started his solo career with this song. This is a lucky champ for the singer. Moreover, this is the first song of the debut novel, “One Of Us.” This was the foundation of Liam Gallagher’s successful career. The music video of this song is also very unique and creative. Liam Gallagher stands in the center of various mirrors only to see his reflection returning.

1. “Once”

Now that we are ending the list, we have to mention the all-time hit of Liam Gallagher’s “Once.” This song peaked at the Billboard Top and is one of the most successful songs of Liam’s career. The lyrics and music of this song are mind-blowing. You will not stop listening to this masterpiece.

Liam Gallagher is sure a legend. You should listen to each song of this singer. His every song is a masterpiece. You will become obsessed with his works. This was the list of Liam Gallagher’s popular songs of all time.

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