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4 Highest-Rated Shows On Amazon prime

Amazon Prime has some amazing web shows, television series, and movies. Just like Netflix, Prime Video is also focused on the best content. It has original shows and movies as well as the premiered ones. Amazon Prime Video is in the race to be the best OTT platform. Currently, the top performers in the OTT platform industry are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney plus Hotstar. We have created a list of the four highest-rated shows on Amazon Prime. Check out the full list to know what shows you have missed and whether your favorite show is on the list or not.

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4. The Terminal List

The Terminal List is an American action thriller based on the novel “The Terminal List.” Within the first two weeks of the release of this show, it became number one. Chriss Patt plays the lead role of Lieutenant Commander James Reece. He finds out that dark forces are working against him. It is a danger to the life of his loved ones. Other main characters of the show are Katie Buranek, Ben Edwards, Lucy Reece, and Lauren Reece. There are many more recurring characters as well. The only season of this show is released on 1st July 2022.

5 highest-rated shows on Amazon prime terminal
CC: The Terminal List

3. The Boys

It is an American web series where the boys are superheroes. Sounds familiar, right? Is it a copy of MCU? No, this show does have superheroes like Marvel, but they are different from it. Every superhero in this show portrays a unique superpower. It is a dark comedy, an action show. The first season of The Boys was released in 2019, and the latest, the third season, premiered in 2023. All the seasons of the Boys have eight episodes each.

5 highest-rated shows on Amazon prime the boys
CC: The Boys

2. Vikings

This is a television series related to historical events. It is one of the most watched shows on Amazon Prime. This show depicts the exploits of Vikings. This show was based in the 12th century. It showcases the brutal world of Vikings. The role of Ragnar Lothbrok, also known as the Viking, is played by Travis Fimmel. In our opinion, and we believe everyone will agree that no other actor could have played the role of Viking better than him. This show was first released in 2013, and it has a total of six seasons.

5 highest-rated shows on Amazon prime vikings
CC: Vikings

1. The Office

At number, we have the Office. This is also an American sitcom. Another famous show is just like Friends. The Office gained a lot of popularity because of its characters. The show’s main characters are Michael Scott, Dwight, Jim, Pam, and Andy.

Along with these are many more characters in the setting. The whole story revolves around the day-to-day activities in an office. It received a 9.0 rating from IMBD. There is a total of 9 seasons and 201 episodes. It was originally released in 2005, and the last episode was telecasted in 2013. The craze for the Office is still not over. Many Office fans still watch it on repeat.

CC: The Office

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These were the five highest-rated shows on Amazon prime. If you liked this list, do check out other articles. We will bring you more such articles related to entertainment.

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