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MCU: A Possible Ms. Marvel And Spiderman Crossover

Iman Vellani, the actress of Ms. Marvel, wants to see herself in the character of Ms. Marvel in season 2. She wants the same loop as Spider-Man went through in Civil War. She wants to return to her streets and do little adventures there. Just like, Spiderman did after his role in Captain America: Civil war. Spider-Man fought with the members of the Avengers, and then in the next Spider-Man movie (Homecoming), he was back in his school. Iman wants to have the same kind of story for Ms. Marvel. In Ms. Marvel, she fought with her idol, and now she thinks it would be fun if she returned to her friendly neighborhood. It will be exciting to see how Iman’s aspiration will take place.

Who is Iman Vellani?

Iman Vellani is a Canadian actress and the star lead of Ms. marvel. Her origins are from Pakistan. She started her acting career with a huge role in MCU. Ms. Marvel was her first big breakthrough. She was an Avenger fan from childhood and always wanted to work in an MCU movie. Also, she has just started her acting career, and she got her dream role. With her ambition for Ms. Marvel’s storyline to crossover like Spider-Man, she seems to relate to Tom Holland in real life. Tom also got success at an early age, just like Iman. Also, Iman will be seen in the upcoming Marvel movie. Read more about her future project below.

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Ms. Marvel and future projects

Iman Vellani played the role of Kamala Khan, famously known as Ms. Marvel. It was an American television show which was streamed on Disney Plus Hotstar. Marvel Studios produced Ms. Marvel. This show premiered on June 8, 2022. Subsequently, the rest of the episodes were released weekly, and the show concluded on July 13, 2022. Her future projects include “The Marvels.” The upcoming movie is where Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel will get together as a unit. It will be released on July 28, 2023.

According to the sources, Ms. Marvel will return with another season on Disney Plus Hotstar. No further details about her films with Marvel are out yet. There are possibilities that Ms. Marvel can see with new young Marvel characters. The conclusive scene of Ms. Marvel showcases how Ms. Marvel will enter into a bigger world. Also, she is expected to get major roles in MCU soon. Also, the last scene of Ms. Marvel depicted that Marvel will come up with bigger movies. Therefore, Ms. Marvel will act as a teenage superhero like Spider-Man did, creating a teenage superhero classic. Well, our excitement for new MCU projects has always been peeking. Lastly, with the statement of Iman, we believe that Ms. Marvel will show up with many big collaborations.

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