OYO Hotel Holds ‘Popular Anime Sanctuary Pilgrimage Campaign’ Up to 35% off hotels near the stage of popular works such as Kimetsu no Yaiba

“OYO Hotel” is a “popular” “Anime Holy Land Pilgrimage Campaign” that started on July 20, 2021, Tuesday. In addition, we will carry out a Twitter campaign on the official Twitter of OYO Hotel ~!to present free nights to 4 groups of 8 people.

“Sacred place pilgrimage,” which visits places where popular anime and manga are set, is becoming more and more popular as a way for fans to immerse themselves in the worldview.

“Blade of Onimetsu,” “loose scan, “Evangelion” the recommendations of the accommodation filming location and stage of the popular anime when visiting such as the summer vacation introduced in feature within site, such as, to their facility “We have prepared a unique plan that allows you to stay up to 35% off at Rakuten Travel and Jalan. In addition, we will also hold a gift campaign on Twitter to invite you to the facility for free. Please refer to the following.

Close to the sacred sites of the popular anime “Devil’s Blade,” “Yurucamp,” and “Evangelion,” we have carefully selected four OYO accommodations that are recommended for enjoying a pilgrimage to the sacred sites of the work and for a limited time within the OYO Hotel reservation site—introduced on the particular page set up in.

In addition, we have prepared a great-value “sacred place pilgrimage discount plan” that can be reserved with “Rakuten Travel” and “Jalan” at two of these facilities.