Shinjuku Anison Scope DIALOGUE Omoide Shiritori is the leader of Lisa’s 10th-anniversary mini-album

Shinjuku Anison Scope is a song by Sho Higuchi, an anime buyer at Tower Records Shinjuku, who is known for his fulfillment of anime songs. The first place on May 17-23 at the store was the latest single Omoide Shiritori from the female voice actor unit DIALOGUE.

DIALOGUE is a voice actor unit known for all members acting as voice actors for the smartphone game CUE. The title song of Omoide Shiritori, which won the top spot, is the opening theme of the TV anime Shaving the beard and picking up a high school girl. Single Similarly rock band of the title song ever UNISON SQUARE GARDEN of Tomoya Tabuchi worked on the songwriting, the arrangement Mutsuki Shuhei ‘s in charge. The coupling song Sugar Rocket was composed by Keiichi Hirokawa of the creator group MONACA who was in charge of the arrangement of the previous single Ayafuwa Asterisk and arranged by Takeaki Wada, also known as Vocaloid-P. Gorgeous creators are gathered, such as in charge of.

In second place is the singer Lisa’s 10th-anniversary mini-album LADYBUG. Based on the catchy rock that Lisa’s overwhelming singing ability can be heard, the opening theme Gurenge of the popular anime Kimetsu no Yaiba and the movie version Kimetsu no Yaiba It is a piece that you can feel the evolution through hits such as the theme song Homura of Infinite Train Edition.

In 3rd place, the second album BLACK STAR II from the smartphone game Theater Starless appeared. Black Star is a game that nurtures warmen who aim to become top stars in a show restaurant. In the rock scene and singer scene such as singer/songwriter Taro Kobayashi, singer Kradness, and Shakemi. An active singer is in charge of singing the character. BLACK STAR is an album that mainly contains songs that appeared in Season 2 of the game, and the high singing ability of the singers is attractive.

In addition, the first album TITLE IDOL of the girls band Pastel Palettes of BanG Dream, Which is popular for anime and games, ranked 4th, and the smartphone game Idolmaster Cinderella Girls The latest CD series

In 7th place is the latest single of the idol unit Illumination Stars that appears in the smartphone game dol Master Shiny Colors, and in 8th place is DJ. The second single Be with the world of the unit Photon Maiden that appears in the theme media mix project D4DJ has appeared.

Voice actor and singer Mikako Komatsu sings the ending theme of the TV anime Goodbye My Clammer, Kick off the regrettable things, and the soundtrack of the popular anime Kimetsu no Yaiba. The soundtrack, the latest single THE IDOLM STER MILLION THE TER WAVE 17 ARMooo from the smartphone game Idolmaster Million Live! Theater Days, and the latest single Ansanburu Stars from the smartphone game Ansanburu Stars !! We are paying attention to Ansan Buru Stars ES Idol Song season1 Switch