Godzilla Singular Point original anime soundtrack released on July 21st and released!

It has been decided that the original soundtrack containing the music from the TV anime series Godzilla SP will be released on CD on July 21, 2021, and will be downloaded and streamed on the same day. Godzilla SP is a completely new work started as a new project of the character Godzilla representing Japan. A new original story that is completely different from previous movies will be developed as a 13-episode TV anime series. This is the first Godzilla TV anime series in Japan. Kan Sawada, a composer who works on many anime and drama songs, is in charge of the music in the play Godzilla SP. From the time of the PV released before the anime broadcast, many popular voices such as exciting doing. 31 songs for this soundtrack, including Godzilla’s Theme -Singular Point arranged by Sawada, based on Godzilla’s Theme by Akira Ifukube, a master composer who is familiar all over Japan even if he is not a Godzilla fan. Recording. Sawada commented on the release of the soundtrack as follows. The soundtrack of Godzilla SP is full of homage to the music of my favorite Japanese special effects movies and strange movies of the Showa era. The mysterious and muddy world view that I felt when I was a child. That was “Godzilla” for me. The theme of Jet Jaguar at the town factory, the mysterious Upara song that solves the secret of the singularity, the song of cute Pero 2, and the theme of various monsters. Music that colors the story I hope you enjoy it. “And the jacket visual of this soundtrack CD has also been lifted. Kazue Kato, the author of the manga Blue Exorcist Mr. Satoshi Ishino, who was in charge of the animation character design of this work, drew down the two main characters, Mei and Yun, and Havel, who is a colleague of Yun, from the character of “Godzilla SP” that he worked on the original design. In addition, the booklet included in the soundtrack CD contains a dialogue between Kan Sawada and Goro Matsui, the lyricist of the song ALAPU UPALA which is the key to the story in the main anime. In addition, among the music in the play “Godzilla SP”, 23 songs not recorded in this soundtrack are the first production limited edition privilege of the Blu-ray & DVD Volume 1 of this work released on Wednesday, August 22 You can listen to it with the download code.