Chico Hani CHiCO, summer national hall tour “feels a bond”. Sky Peace, TV anime “SD Gundam” ED full sound source is also unveiled for the first time on the radio!

“How come this way” towards the fan, Chico Hani! “I’m looking forward to having you think” CHiCO with HoneyWorks, who delivered the latest music information to listeners as MUSIC BROADCASTER (Monthly Corner DJ) in May on InterFM’s information program “MUSIClock” specializing in music and entertainment, In the broadcast on May 25th, which was the last appearance, he talked about his thoughts on the national hall tour to be held this summer. Chico Hani’s national hall tour “One Piece” is scheduled to start on July 24th and have 5 performances at 4 locations nationwide. ” Chico Hani is the 7th anniversary of this year, and there are 7 members in total, so One Piece is not when forming a circle before live starts, but with the index finger, I often take pictures of circles with my little finger out. I decided on the title “One Piece” because of various factors, “he explained.” The tour goods are also designed so that you can feel the bond of Chicohani. I’m a fan, so I think I’m the 8th person, so I’d like you to look forward to it. ” Continuing on, about the setlist, “I think about 20 songs in one performance. Including the limited songs at each venue, I sing a total of about 25 songs. What kind of song is good for the opening !? I can’t remove it, but I want to include this song as well. “It’s really difficult because I’m looking forward to people thinking,” he said happily and told him that he was preparing for the tour. Regarding tickets, we are planning to start accepting pre-request lottery advance from 18:00 today. For details, check the official website and SNS! In addition, in the corner that provides the latest music information, Sky Peace, which is the ending theme of the TV anime “SD Gundam World Heroes” The new song “To You Who Lived Until Today” (released on July 7th) introduces the news that the distribution will start on May 26th. CHiCO, who collaborated with Sky Peace on Chico Hani’s 10th single “Gimi Gimi Call”, said, “The memorable 10th single was a double-sided A-side single. Collaboration with my favorite Shoko Nakagawa does it. Sky Peace was the first collaboration with a male artist other than HoneyWorks’ Gom, and when I was wondering who would be good, I would love to hear from you. ” Description. “Both were friendly and kind,” he said. In addition, on May 25th, Sky Peace’s new song “To you who lived to this day” will be unveiled for the first time on the radio! InterFM “MUSIClock” is currently available on radiko for a week after broadcasting. The corner that provides the latest music information has been broadcast since about 8:15.